If you’re looking to start an eSports betting business you need a high-quality eSports betting software provider, here are the best on the market

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Since the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic, the eSports betting business has grown incredibly fast and has expanded to almost every continent. This almost-billion-dollar industry provides people with an easy platform and procedure to place bets on their favorite eSports and games, with great profit margins and many impressive tools, such as risk management, customizable bets, high-quality graphics, and more. Digiday releases an informative article claiming that the current size of the market is $9.5 billion, and it is projected to reach $37 billion by 2025, according to asset management firm ARK Invest (1)

With a very extensive and varied audience, the eSports field is strongly settled in the market, providing start-ups and soon-to-be business owners the opportunity to create, grow and maintain their eSports betting pursuit. Esport is also expanding the field of Defi technologies and gaining popularity among blockchain game development companies.  Blockchain development companies offer blockchain gambling solutions that add advanced payment mechanisms to the games. Thus making games such as say Dungeons and Dragons even more tempting for the gamblers as the opportunity to have a higher amount of prize pool money in case of winning. Also, blockchain gambling solutions eliminate trust issues among players keeping their privacy and ensuring security through smart contracts. So obviously, Esports, in combination with the blockchain development companies, are revolutionizing the world of gambling on another more advanced level.Although there are some strict regulations depending on the country, and even state or city, this field continues to expand at a very rapid speed, attracting more sponsors and players to invest their money in their services.

Most eSports betting solutions allow owners to have moderate to complete control of their platform and the profit margins established, as well as unlimited access to valuable data about the number of players per hour, day, month, and their countries of origin too, which helps adjust the software to fit what every business needs.

If you’re looking to start a profitable eSports betting business it is essential to engage with a quality eSports betting solutions company. Below you can find the top 5 best eSports betting providers as well as useful tips and considerations to have in mind when looking for the right one for your business.

1. Digitain

Digitain is one of the most chosen software provider companies that delivers flexible, modular, and customizable eSports solutions. Their superior eSports software is provided as part of the award-winning general sportsbook platform but is also available to partners as a stand-alone, fully-functional gaming vertical, and is also accessible across all channels.

With more than 17.000 monthly live events, over 30 games, and more than 1.000 tournaments, Digitain offers the most complete and trustworthy eSports betting solutions that allow businesses to succeed and players to earn money.

This has been awarded as the best eSports betting software provider due to its impressive and fully adjustable platforms, where owners can customize their profit margins to fit their business needs. Digitain’s eSports betting software has a specially designed eSports layout that provides a high-quality stream. Popular games included are FIFA, NBA2K, DOTA2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Fortnite.

Digitain has over a decade of experience in the industry and has a customer-orientated approach, meaning that both their software solutions and their technical support are always centered on their clients’ needs, which is what you should be looking for if you want to establish a successful and smooth eSports betting business.

2. BetConstruct

BetConstruct’s eSports betting software provides players with more than 12.000 unique live events monthly, over 5.000 pre-match events, and more than 12 major championships that they can bet on.

With high-quality streams and expert risk management, this software is widely chosen across the world because of its impressive functioning and nice-looking layouts. Offering three different cash-out types: partial, full, and auto, as well as various bonus types such as free bets, accumulator bonus, wagering bonus, profit boost, and several odds formats that include decimal, fractional, American, Hong Kong, Indo, and Malay, Betconstruct’s eSports betting solution is making a statement in the industry at a rapid speed.

What’s more, videos streamed in RTMP, SLDP, HLS protocols and the option to monitor the number of matches streamed/viewed per month and in which countries. Theater mode with a wider video frame for higher player engagement is available as well as a dark mode with dim lights and a do not disturb mode.

BetConstruct has more than 15 years of operating in the business and believes in a very diversified gaming market where all operators have transparent and the same access to the tools and support necessary to achieve their desired level of growth and success in their personal and professional life.

3. Playtech

The eSport betting solutions provided by Playtech have a pioneering range of fully simulated sports, creating the richest player experience possible. Playtech’s software provides owners with a tailored user interface for the offering of bets on eSports events, user account integration, transaction handling, and associated management.

They offer a comprehensive range of betting markets with low hardware setup costs, which is ideal for start-ups, and the solution is available across all channels including online, mobile, and retail. Featuring localized language and commentary options, with statistics available for the team, player, and runners across all sports, Playtech can deliver bespoke solutions to suit customer needs, including customizable leagues and racecourses, branding, kits and team, player and runner names.

4. Sbtech

Sbtech’s eSports solutions offer a wide range of casino, live casino, and eSports games in more than 20 regulated markets with over 100 payment methods. Because it supports a wide range of the world’s leading payment methods and aggregators with localized options, Sbtech is stepping strongly into the eSports betting business.

With this software, owners can configure, manipulate and drill down more than 500 KPIs to answer all types of operational questions with their consolidated, real-time analytical platform fed by multiple data sources. In addition, buyers can manage their players with real-time engagement via SBTech Chat and automatic multi-channel notifications that contribute to creating a trustworthy system with rapid solutions across all platforms in many countries.

One of Sbtech’s eSports betting software’s most impressive features is the option to deploy real-time data, performance dashboards, and detailed reporting breakdowns for each sport, league, country, customer, VIP level, and risk level.

Sbtech has more than 50 global partners that benefit from their acclaimed eSports betting solutions and counts with 25 different awards for its stunning and flawless functioning.

5. EveryMatrix

EveryMatrix provides business owners with a fast-working and innovative eSports betting software with more than 25 games, over 270 tournaments, and more than 50000 monthly live events.

This company offers more than 95 different betting types with this solution and it can be delivered as a feed solution or as a hosted solution with a dedicated front-end tailored for esports. Remarkable features of this software, that are claimed by the public, include new esports and betting markets added on an ongoing basis, real-time esports betting odds, stats, scores, and settlements, multiple partners for video streaming, fully automated trading as well as options to tweak odds and customize profit margin.

The eSports hosted solution has a short integration time of around 1-2 weeks that allows owners to quickly reach players; it supports all languages and has a bonus system for eSports tabs. What’s more, video streams on both match and overview pages are available as well as team and tournament logos, scoreboards designed specifically for eSports, and a massive selection of dedicated markets. This eSports betting solution provides real-time coverage of all leading game titles and tournaments and it is integrated with events, odds, scores, and settlement data.

How To Choose The One For Your Business

Now that you have an idea of what the top eSports betting solutions are and a little about the companies behind them, but how do you know which one will fit best with your business? There are certain factors owners should have in mind when looking for quality software that builds and grows their businesses without having to invest a huge amount of money.

Finding a trustworthy eSports software that allows buyers to customize their profit margins is one of the most important things. From the providers listed above, Digitain is the most remarkable at succeeding with this task, allowing owners to completely customize their margins to fit their business needs. Another feature to look for is comprehensive and client-orientated layouts that are easy to understand, very eye-catching, and high-quality, which the company just mentioned provides perfectly.

When it comes to the core concept of the eSports betting business, that is the actual eSports, it is essential to engage with a software provider that offers a wide range of matches, tournaments, live events, and more. Digitain has a long list of well-known sports and games players love such as FIFA, NBA2K, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and more.

Finally, a successful eSports betting business is forged around excellent technical support from the software provider, that is able to solve at a fast speed and without many issues any error or glitch you might be experiencing. Comparing every software provider company mentioned above, Digitain is one of the very few that can comply with all the requirements needed to create, grow and maintain a profitable eSports betting business.