Details have emerged that Nintendo is working on a successor to its popular console. The Japanese gaming giant revealed that the new gaming console will be called the “20xx next-gen device.” It also stated that it is still ironing out the details of its next game console. This is a case of the gaming company keeping up with the dynamic gaming sector. The sector has competent online gaming operators like Rizk Casino, which offers exciting gaming opportunities and a selection of top online entertaining games. On the other hand, Nintendo claimed that they are still working internally on the concept and timing of the release. 

According to the company executives, Nintendo Switch has reached the middle phase of its lifecycle. They also claimed that Nintendo Switch’s future sales were kept afloat by the recent Switch OLED model coupled with important upcoming game releases. It remains to be seen whether their prediction will come true, bearing in mind that Switch sales have been down year over year. 

The Switch Is About To Turn 5!

It is also critical to note that the Switch will turn five years come next March. Moreover, the Switch OLED version that the company released recently, having a bigger and more vibrant screen, still runs on the same game-old gaming technology. 

Nintendo’s history of its console launches weakens its proclamation on the Switch life cycle. If you check the company’s releases from the original Nintendo Entertainment System all through to 2017’s Nintendo Switch, they have all been happening almost after every five years. Moreover, that does not include any handheld consoles. If you include these, the frequency of game console releases will increase. 

However, the fact that the company has not declared formal plans for the Switch’s successor is supportive of its statement. For example, a full two years before the company released the Switch, its former president Satoru Iawata made public unclear plans for the “Nintendo NX.    

It Takes Time

The current president, Shuntaro Furukawa, revealed that Nintendo does not have a specific time frame in mind to develop the hardware. Instead, the company is continually researching technology in an attempt to develop new experiences. He also revealed that the hardware and software teams work from the same building, conversing closely as they explore new ways of entertaining their users. 

Additionally, Furukawa claimed that their teams need several years of preparation to develop a single piece of hardware. As a result, the teams will work without stopping. He also stated that they would only commercialize a piece of hardware that creates a new experience.    

This is important because game developers usually need some time with new hardware to make games for it. Hitherto there haven’t been any compelling anecdotes about the company’s next console. Usually, there are leaks that come from people outside Nintendo who have gotten their hands on model hardware. 

Nevertheless, what’s clear is that Nintendo intends to launch its next game console. Moreover, it is believed that the console will come with the same “integrated hardware-software” approach the company has used in its previous consoles. In essence, Nintendo will keep producing game consoles(the hardware), the operating system that runs on them (software), and several top games for the console (software).