MMO games are fabulous creations that put you right in the fictional world, and convince you to play over and over again. Otherwise known as ‘massively multiplayer online games’, these are titles that are famous worldwide. 

If you love gaming and enjoy actions in games such as slaying dragons, fighting in wars, and roleplaying, then you’re definitely a fan of MMOs. This makes you wonder – which are the best games to play in the year that follows?

Here is a short list of what we believe are the top choices for MMO gamers:

  • Casino RPG

Chances are, you didn’t expect to find an actual casino game at the top of this list. However, as the interest in casino sites Denmark grows, so does the popularity of such games. Those who enjoy action in their gameplay but also love gambling for real money will be thrilled with GoldFire Studios’ creation. 

Even though it has become extremely popular just recently, Casino RPG is not really a new game. Today, it’s one of the leading MMO titles and GoldFire Studios’ most popular creation, right alongside BC Wars and PokerRPG.   

Casino RPG is a unique game and possibly one of the best-rated next year because it represents real locations, including Las Vegas gambling spots. In it, you can place bets just like you do at traditional casinos, and hit winning combinations to score points for your avatar. 

Casino RPG is a multiple-player title, which means that you can enjoy it with many players from around the world. In terms of games that you can pick with your avatar, you have tons of choices for slots, blackjack, solitaire, poker, video poker, bingo, roulette, and even lottery. It’s pretty much like the options you have at top online casinos, but keep in mind that this version does not allow you to win actual money, only points. 

The best part about CasinoRPG is that its developer has never stopped adding new titles into its arsenal. It’s a great way to do some casino practice, as well as have tons of fun. 

  • Planetside 2

Have you played Planetside 2? This game is all about wars between different players from all across the world. In it, you will pilot air and ground vehicles, hit others with your assault rifle, and join battles to win points. The game has become truly immersive thanks to its global popularity. Nowadays, people from around the globe play it in organized squads, which makes it much more entertaining and even more popular than before. 

  • The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Casino-themed MMOs will definitely be trending in the year that comes. The Four Kings Casino and Slots is already becoming extremely popular. This game resembles a quality online casino site where you can use an avatar to explore a variety of famous gambling establishments and play amazing casino titles. 

Think of this as a simulated gambling experience. As you play, you’ll get access to more customization features and points, as well as rewards. In this game, you can play some of the most popular titles like Texas Hold’Em and Blackjack. You’ll also find many slots, roulette tables, video poker, etc. The game is becoming better all the time, introducing new games, as well as new events. 

If you want to do some gambling practice and enjoy this type of play, at The Four Kings Casino and Slot you can start with low stakes and work your way into high-stakes play. 

Have you played any of these? If you haven’t, pick one and start as soon as possible!