Cryptocurrency is the hot investment topic in the world today. Every enthusiast wants a chance to try crypto opportunities. While the easiest way to acquire crypto in your wallet is through buying it with fiat money, there are other ways to get crypto in your hands. For instance, you can borrow a crypto loan from a reputable platform and then try your luck in gaming.

So, how do crypto and gaming work? The gaming world has incorporated popular digital coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in gaming. This has resulted in crypto games such as CryptoKitties, World of Warcraft, and other MMORPG and MMO games.

But are these games worth investing in? According to experts, everything related to cryptocurrency is like gambling; you could win millions or lose everything. Therefore, taking a crypto loan to try your luck in gaming is a worthy game of chance especially if you are a gaming enthusiast. That said, let’s cut to the chase and give you insightful information that could help you make the right decisions.

Popular Crypto Games That Pay

If you are looking for crypto gaming that pays and allows withdrawals, then you are in the right place. Any of them are worth taking out a crypto loan to invest in. The borrowed crypto is used to buy gear in the games such as racing cars and ammo and to unlock premium stages that increase your chances of getting more crypto when you win crypto.

  •       CryptoKitties – This is a blockchain game that involves breeding digital cats. It allows you to buy, breed, and sell virtual cats in a very interactive environment. As one of the oldest crypto games on the web, it has numerous users. This increases the chances of selling faster at a good profit. If you want to start, you could get a crypto loan from reputable platforms we will discuss later.
  •       Final Fantasy XIV – Although this is not a blockchain game per se but rather an MMORPG, it allows people to purchase it with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or Litecoin. It has partnered with crypto blockchains to process the transactions directly. If you are interested in this game, you could easily get a crypto loan from a reliable platform to start.
  •       CryptoBlades – This game runs on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The game is an MMO crypto game that awards finances worth $3 million per day. But you will need to buy the game and equip your characters with gear to progress through different levels and win against other players. If capital to start is what you need, then try getting a loan from a reliable crypto platform.

Apart from these three popular crypto and MMO games, there are many others including Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, Black Desert Online, Spell of Genesis, and R-PLANET among others. All of them work closely with the crypto sector if they do not run on the blockchain. The rewards are amazing for persistent players who master the art of winning quickly. So, is it a good idea to use crypto loans to try your luck in gaming? Many crypto and gaming enthusiasts agree that it is. So, give it a try.

Where to Borrow Cryptocurrency Loans for Gaming

Now that you have seen popular cryptocurrency games you could try, it is worth looking at the best crypto loan sites that you could try. But one thing to note is that you need to first make an investment—saving crypto in these platforms to use it as collateral for your loan.

  •     YouHodler – This platform is focused on HODLing, but it gives low-interest crypto loans as well. So, as you earn interest on your savings in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, or any other cryptocurrency, you could take out a crypto loan to start gaming. YouHodler approves loans within a short time. Hence, there is no excuse for missing out on your favorite game, whether it is played online or otherwise.
  •       BlockFi – If you have interacted with this platform, you can confirm that their crypto-backed loans are very flexible and amazing. If this is what you need to start playing an online crypto game, then go for it. The money you earn through gaming can then be used to pay back the loan. See, you will still have your initial investment that you used as collateral in your BlockFi account.
  •       Binance – The Binance platform is a crypto suite with a plethora of products that you could try. Binance also works with various gaming platforms to fund the users with the crypto they need and facilitate transactions for the winners.


Is it a good idea to use crypto loans to try your luck in gaming? By now, you have the right insights to understand more about crypto gaming and other games that work closely with the crypto sector. So, make the right decisions now and start earning to repay your loan.


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