New loot, refreshed visual engine and so on that will excite you — that what you can wait for in the new version of the cube game!

Main New Features — Is There Something Notable?

Meet again another Minecraft PE 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update from the programmers of Mojang Studio. The renovation provides the players with plenty of various things. Certainly, the items will help you in your adventures across the reworked sandbox.

New features contain a spyglass, a new material — amethyst and etc. In addition to that, the game now has new craft recipes which make the game experience wider.


Explore the subsoils of underground as treasure hunter in the newly come large renovation of the game. Previously you could mine only diamonds and emeralds in the bowels of the earth, but there is another player in the team called amethyst. You can stumble into it in the particular place across the game world.


This item definitely will come in handy in the released update to see in a long distance of the cube survival sandbox. Discovering became much easier with the gadget! With the help of a spyglass your view will increase in 100 blocks far from your location.

Tinted glass

A little and handy thing of the revamped cube sandbox. The glass is used in traps and constructions creation. A special function of this product is the ability to transmit light in only one direction. Player can notice their foes without any collisions with the item in this revamped MCPE.

New Engine

Fresh visual and graphics wait for you in this new game release. By the way, at the top of the display there is an inconspicuous inscription with the name of the engine ‘Render Dragon’. The renovation offers minecrafters enhanced optimization and new tools for creators.


Where do I get a bundle from in MCPE 1.17?

They are crafted from rabbit hides and one string.

Where should I seek for Amethyst Geodes?

They spawn everywhere.

How do I craft a Candle?

Take honeycomb and one string.

Download Minecraft Bedrock 1.17 and more current versions

Name Minecraft Bedrock
Version Caves & Cliffs update
OS Android
Author Mojang Studios
Xbox Live +
License Free
File Apk