A lot of people have their doubts about India’s top star Virat Kohli. However, the skipper has seen a lot of action in cricket and is still one of the most feared stars in the game. Any team would not want to face him any time of the day and that’s how great of a star he is.

As a skipper, it is hard to lead the team and be praised for wins but also blamed for losses. It is a tough ride for any leader, and Kohli has done his job well over the years and helped India rise at the upper echelon of international cricket.

As a batsman, it is tough for Kohli to be the best player all the time. He’s been great at making huge runs, and that is why he’s one of the best players to bet on in top betting sites online that also offer the best predictions and tips in cricket. One can even check out his reels and see how great of a scorer he is.

Kohli is one of the best batsmen in the world. The Men in Blue captain is known for his success in leading India as one of the best hubs in cricket. His record does all the talking, and his big games prove why he has raised the bar for being both a star and the team captain.

The Men in Blue follow his lead, and every player knows he is the reason why they continue to thrive over the years. Kohli has led India to so many wins and he’s the heart and soul of the team that keeps them hungry for more titles to win.

Kohli has been in the game for some time now. Yet, the star plays at a high level, and that is something that a lot of fans treasure about him. This is why he is a vital core in the team, and no one can take his place as long as he keeps on playing at his best. Some players have made it to over 40 years of age. Kohli is on his way there as well.

The captain’s leadership skills also kept him at the helm of the team. Even if he is in his prime and his form may decline in the next few years, his grit will always be there and the team will still look up to him.

Kohli is also known to be a team player. He has given a lot of young players a piece of his advice. The captain has helped a lot of rookies get to the best of their games. That is how he leads which reflects his lasting success as well.

While Kohli may lose some games, none of those will affect his legacy. He is a top bet in and is on the pace to become one of the best players who ever played the game. He will surely earn his way into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame, and that is because he is a true winner. It’s safe to say that Kohli and his team can win in their future games because the best predictions and tips online suggest that the Men in Blue is one of the best cricket teams in the world.

No one can say that Kohli is a poor leader as the captain has nothing left to prove but to play more games all the way to his final run in the sport.