In a generation that believes “Big is Better” and “Expensive is Superior,” the smallest smartphones are bound to disappear and never make an entrance into the market. However, this isn’t the case; more people are showing interest in compact and pocket-fitting smartphones. The small size does not translate to low-quality apps or poor performance. Instead, small smartphones carry all quality apps and are often considered better than ultra-designs. In others words, smartphones do pack a punch. You can access free offline pokies download games, carry out your business activities, and attend your online meeting, and many more on a small smartphone. 

Here are the top 5 smallest smartphones ever: 

  • The Unihertz Jelly Pro
  • The iLight 7s
  • The Palm
  • The AIEK M5
  • The Super Mini Sudroid SOYES
  • The Anica i8

The Unihertz Jelly Pro

The Unihertz Jelly Pro is one of the smallest available smartphones on the market. The fully functioning device measures 3.6 by 1.7 inches by 0.5 inches and is light to the touch, and weighs 2.13 ounces around 0.06kgs. The small size makes it convenient for use when doing your routine workouts, including running. However, one may need to strap it onto their skin to avoid losing it on the way. 

What’s more impressive is that the Unihertz Jelly Pro can connect to 4G networks. At the same time, it runs on android operating system version 7.0. Other notable features include 2GB RAM and a total of 16GB worth of storage space. The small size means a small screen of 2.45 inches in length. However, it is as sensitive as any larger smartphone device on the market. 

The Unihertz Jelly Pro has a front and back camera with 2 and 8 megapixels, respectively. You can take decent photos and use your headphone on the built-in headphone jack anytime. 

The iLight 7s

The iLight 7s is even smaller in size compared to the Unihertz Jelly Pro. The small smartphone measures 1.81 inches by 0.39 inches by 3.74 inches. However, the smaller a smart device becomes, the lesser the functional benefits it can offer. Therefore, the iLight 7s is less powerful than Unihertz Jelly Pro. 

The smartphone features a single GB in RAM, and the storage space is only 8GB. You can use the smartphone to make calls or socialise through WhatsApp chats. The 2.4 inches in screen size ensures that all texts and calls are visible. 

The design is simple to learn and operate. The iLight 7s spots a single home button circular in shape and located below the smartphone’s screen. Also, the chassis of the iLight 7s material is metal giving it a unique appearance.

The Palm

If thinking of unique smartphones, think of the Palm small smartphone device. Many describe it as a “digital parasite” due to its independence on a primary smartphone device. It means that you only purchase the Pal if willing to take a step away from the business arena and take a relaxing vacation. The Palm links to your primary device, ensuring you receive all calls, texts, and important notifications. 

The Palm small smartphone has an android operating system to match your current smartphone for successful sync. The camera is 12 megapixels ensuring quality pictures and better clarity. However, it is still lightweight, with dimensions of just 1.99 inches by 3.8 inches. 

As the name suggests, the Palm can fit into your palm for easier browsing even when busy. It also has a long battery life of around seven and a half hours. The sync allows individuals to relax for the day without disturbance while still keeping up with the business environment. 


The AIEK M5 is the most convenient smartphone available in the market. It is the “thinnest” smartphone, a lightweight with only 0.64 ounces or 2g in weight. It also has small measurements of 3.3 inches by 2.1 inches by 0.2 inches. Individuals who own the AIEK M5 claim the phone is similar to a credit card as it perfectly fits that space in the wallet or purse. 

What is discouraging is that the AIEK M5 only connects to 2G networks in a world where the most recent network is 5G. However, it is still a quad-band smartphone. One of the benefits of the AIEK M5 is the longer-lasting battery life for up to three days. You can have talk time for a whole three hours and not worry about the battery dying on you before reaching your destination or completing your conversation. 

The AIEK M5 has the smallest screen measuring just a single inch. However, the device has a loudspeaker for use in noisy environments and has a Bluetooth connection. However, if you want to browse the Internet, you will need to purchase a slightly larger phone as the AIEK M5 won’t work for you. 

The Super Mini Sudroid SOYES

The supermini Sudroid SOYES is another small smartphone. The mini smartphone has similar features to the Unihertz Jelly Pro smartphone. The two small phones utilise GSM carriers and are thus, not compatible with other pages, including the Boost, Sprint, or Virgin. 

The supermini Sudroid SOYES is a dual sim card smartphone. Supermini Sudroid SOYES runs on the android mobile operating system. It is reliable; the 2.4 inches smartphone screen is visible and apparent for use. If travelling across different countries and trying to claim the True Blue casino no deposit bonus codes, the supermini Sudroid SOYES is your best choice in small smartphones ever. 

The front and back camera feature 2 and 5 megapixels, respectively. The megapixel refers to camera resolution and picture clarity levels. The smartphone employs a quadcore processing unit (CPU), 600mAh, ensuring longer battery life, and the storage space is 8GB. However, it only has 1 GB of RAM. 

The Anica i8

The Anica i8 is the largest smartphone on this list, with a screen measuring 2.5 inches and the device measuring 3.5 inches by 1.77 inches and 0.31 inches. Plus, it weighs around 7.05 ounces (0. 3kgs). The weight is an added advantage as the device has better features and functionality. 

You get dual sim capabilities with The Anica i8, Bluetooth connection, and quality sound or speakers. The only catch is that the device still runs on Android 6.0, and the cameras are far worse than all the above smartphones. However, it still makes up our list of the smallest smartphones ever. 


The smallest smartphones are small in every aspect. The features are few, the size is small, and even the price is lower than other regular or normal-sized smartphone devices. Even though it is impossible to only have a mini-smartphone device for standard and daily business uses, the smallest smartphone is still essential in our daily lives. You can have it for backup anytime, and it is helpful in various places. Plus, they have a longer battery life! You should consider getting a small smartphone from our range of the smallest smartphones ever.