Although the Nintendo Switch is only a little over three years old, it has a plethora of games available for playing with no signs of slowing down. Part of the system’s appeal lies in its unique home-and-away design that allows you to play your favorite games on a big-screen TV in handheld mode and when docked. It’s also convenient for people with a busy lifestyle and commuters alike.

Nintendo recorded one of the biggest gaming libraries in history during its first year, with new must-have games coming out every month. Here are the top five Nintendo Switch titles you must try in 2021 while redeeming promotions at or waiting in line at the bank, even with the smaller Nintendo Switch Lite.

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizon

“Animal Crossing: New Horizon” is among the top games that defined 2020 for Nintendo Switch. The adorable life simulator has amassed a dedicated fan base since its launch, although countless players joined the community following the lockdown of the real world last year. The title is full of charm and perfect gameplay for players looking to take things at their pace, with your main job being converting a deserted island into a tropical paradise.

  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Whether you like playing fighting games or not, Smash Bros is a title for anyone who’s ever liked video games. The game features a wide range of cast, featuring everything from Metal Gear to Mario to give you plenty of options that are to die for. Ultimate, brings in more fighters, more gameplay modes, more stages, and more tactical elements, making it an excellent title for your whole family.

  • Tetris 99

While you’ve got a title that’s almost perfect in every way like Tetris, sometimes it can be hard to give it a fresh spin for new generation players. However, the creators managed to do that by taking this classic block-building game and fusing it with the battle royale multiplayer system. That means you and 99 other fans will be going head to head and compete to see who can make lines quicker. You can also try to knock out each other by sending screen-filling blocks to your opponent’s screen and the last man standing wins.

  • Fortnite Battle Royale

It’s not often you see a free game featured on Nintendo Switch, although Fortnite Battle Royale is offering us that chance. The free-to-play hit title released by Epic Games takes you to an online Battle Royale arena, where you need to fight and build to remain the last person standing. That means Nintendo Switch is the most convenient way to enjoy the Battle Royale phenomenon if you’ve not had the chance.

  • Diablo 3: Eternal Collection

Besides its rocky beginning on PC, Diablo 3 has been through quite a journey since May 2012. However, two great expansion packs paired with a range of game-improving tweaks made Diablo 3 a major contender for the world’s greatest dungeon crawler in the last decade. Fortunately, the game is also portable after its introduction to Switch, with Blizzard making sure the play is amazingly smooth.