Video games are not just a way of passing the time with your friends. There is scientific evidence that confirms that video games are good for you! Well, this could be tough to take in if you’ve grown up being told to stay away from the TV because it will ruin your eyes. Therefore, you can go ahead and create a user account on one of the leading online casino sites in Canada, and go through some useful information to bet with Bet365 before you get started on your gaming adventure. So, how exactly does gaming affect your brain?

Games Help Your Brain to Exercise

According to research findings by several reputable research institutions, video games can improve the quality of life for people living with disabilities, including the mentally ill. According to the studies, playing video games increases grey matter which is another word for your brain size. Playing video games also helps to refine your hardwired and learned skills. 

In simple terms, playing video games directly impacts the sections of your brain responsible for memory and spatial orientation. It also improves how your brain organizes information and your fine motor skills. 

How Gaming Affects Different Parts of Your Brain

  • The prefrontal cortex – this is the part of your brain responsible for making decisions, social behavior, cognitive planning, and personality. This part of your brain is affected when you play games that require you to plan ahead and ponder how you will use and interact with the objects in the virtual world. 
  • Right hippocampus – this part of your brain is critical for processing and consolidating information. It includes both your short-term and long-term memory. Studies by scientists revealed that there was growth in this part of a gamer’s brain due to them using it to navigate the virtual world in video games.
  • Cerebellum – this part of your brain controls your fine motor skills or muscular activity. The scientists claimed that this part of the brain was also affected by playing video games. This part of your brain grows as you play video games. This is because you are usually required to respond to things happening around you promptly. For instance, the video game might require you to pressing a particular button just at the right moment.  

Besides that, the studies also found that when you play fast-paced games and simulations like first-person shooters and sports games, it improves your hand-eye coordination. 

What about Logic Games?

Besides the usual video games, there are also games specifically designed to train, test, and challenge the human brain. They are referred to as logic games or brain games. Even though the argument that these games will make you smarter is still being researched, there is a consensus that they are not a waste of time.

These games engage your brain and make you think better. They also help you to become better with repetitive tasks and provide mental stimulation.

So, do you play video games? If you don’t, you should find one that will help stimulate your brain cells.