Just before the summer holidays start, every parent wants to make sure they have enough activities planned for the kids otherwise it could turn into one boring summer for the kids and one stressful season for mom and dad. Luckily, there are so many wonderful and great activities designed to keep children occupied, entertained as well as staying active and we have taken a look at some of the favourite outdoor activities loved by children and parents all around the world. 

Get your children excited this summer with a great selection of fun activities for various ages and some which are great for the whole family to enjoy. 


All children should spend more time in nature as there is so much nature can teach them about the world and how to appreciate our planet. Getting the kids involved with various nature activities or projects can be a cost-effective yet super rewarding way to spend the summer. From various DIY projects such as building a new birdhouse or birdbath, preparing a new patch in the back yard to grow their own veggie garden or even building their very own treehouse in the back garden. Get the kids packed up and ready to go visit some beautiful local parks or take a drive to a totally new picnic spot where the children can go fishing or run around freely. 


There are some really fun and creative arts and crafts projects and activities for children to do in the outdoors. Take them out to the ocean to collect some of their favourite shells or rocks and get them to paint patterns onto them. This can keep them busy for hours as they search for as many shells as they can find. You can also get the children to use the shells they have found to make gifts for family members or friends such as decorating photo frames, birthday cards, creating jewellery pieces and so much more. Another interesting art and crafts activity is to find out what board games the children enjoy and then turn it into a DIY project where they can make their favourite board games into life-size outdoor versions such as twister. 


There is nothing more that children love doing than playing games and there are so many awesome and fun outdoor games for kids to play this summer. Get them running around with those traditional games like hiding and seek or water balloon fights in the back garden. Another fun game to add to the family’s yard game collection is Tetherball. One of the things which makes this game fun yet rewarding outdoor activity for kids is that they are able to stay active, work on their coordination skills and of course have loads of fun with friends and family, keeping them entertained and happy all throughout summer. Take them to the beach for some sandy beach volleyball or even research any local obstacle courses which you can take them to for the day. 


There are always ways to incorporate an educational aspect into the fun outdoor activities for kids. Even though it is holiday time to enjoy in summer, doesn’t mean you can’t keep their minds active. Fun games to consider which can contribute to learning are scavenger hunts which can promote motor skills, problem-solving with clues and expanding their vocabulary as they need to use words to figure out the clues. Sporting activities can help stimulate social and interactive skills so why not sign your children up for some beach volleyball or clubs where they can meet and play with other children too. Another great educational and outdoor activity is to take the children out for nature hikes where they can learn about various plant species, different types of birds or insects and even create their own nature photo book where they can jot down all the fun facts they learnt along the way. 

When deciding on how to keep the kids active and entertained all throughout summer, try to research events and activities available in your local community and area. There are always fun