The world has indeed become a global village, as we see video games connecting people who are thousands of miles apart into one imaginary world as they play with or against each other. Gamers are constantly looking for better games to play, and due to the internet being so easily accessible, Wi-Fi and gaming have been synced. They have enabled online gaming and the promotion of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs). 

Due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic, we are constantly in and out of lockdown. So, to cope with isolation, many are turning to online video games, spending several hours fully immersed in this. 

If you are a big gamer, you have probably tried everything from online casino slots to PUBGs and MMOs, and you know the best euphoria comes from MMORPGs. The thrill that comes with being in the same games as your friends, building characters, and exploring a new world, epic! Now let us look at the latest and best online multiplayer games 2021 has to offer for gamers out there.


New World

If you are fascinated with a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat through mystery, then New World is the perfect game for you. The game is set on the mystical island of Aeternum, which you finally discover by chance after a shipwreck.  As an alien of the island, you will need to build from the bottom up, make allies, forge a future for yourself, and fight enemies who would have been raised from the dead through magic.

This game has a horror effect that keeps your blood pumping. Even better still, the game is mythical; it gives a life-like impact due to the online gaming experience.


Ashes of Creation.

For those interested in a medieval fantasy game setting, the MMORPG Ashes of Creation will get you hooked. With its cutting-edge graphics, the multiplayer game features novel mechanics that take action to a whole new level. The game permits the player to choose their fate as each quest opens and closes as you interact with other characters and the surrounding world. The world in the game is dynamic; it reacts to the decisions made by the player, making the gamer part of the story. Moreover, the more the gamer explores, the more quests are opened.



The fantasy game puts its focus on political alliances and feudal conquests. Crowfall exposes its gamer to a competitive world where fighting for the throne in the offering is the main objective.  The game sharpens a player’s skills through constant battling to climb up the hierarchy; sheer dominance is what it will take. With player-to-player interaction, you can communicate and socialise with other players who are also playing online. 


Crimson Desert 

Crimson Desert will welcome you into a medieval world of warcraft where allegiances will be tested, enemies will be made, and heroes will rise. As you fight for your survival, you will come across mythical beasts, maniacal rulers, and hostile mercenaries. Making prominent allies will prove crucial and will go a long way in overcoming your foes to survive and conquer. 

Gamers, get ready, brace yourselves for a whole new gaming world with these MMORPG upcoming 2021 releases.