Cross gambling has a special addon to make gambling sessions more interesting. It lets to play in the hidden mode. It means that nobody could see you in the chat. Don’t skip your opportunity and use this gambling addon WoW. Its main goal is to maximize bets. So, let’s discuss the main features of the addon.

What Is Cross Gambling

That is a simple gambling game for several players. It is based on the random number generator. It is possible to play in text mode only. So, there are no great graphics or beautiful music. Well, if the visual part in gambling is important to you, then you should definitely try new free casino slots

Nevertheless, the above mentioned system is used in MMORPG games. There are could be several players. The more gamblers take part in the game, the more the host can earn. Moreover, some hosts play without the commission fee. It is actual for some friends companies who prefer such gambling games than poker or something else.

Everything works in the following way. There is a host and the person should launch the game. Other people, who want to play too, should press 1 in the chat. There is the information of the roll amount and the maximum bet amount.

You can make a bet while writing RollValue = 500. It means that your bet is 500. Then the game starts. The random number generator gives numbers to every player. According to the result, the person with the minimal number should pay the person with the maximal number.

The system shows the following:

The payment should be done immediately. According to the practice, the odds are equal for every gambler. There are no questions about the trustfulness of the service. If the gamblers are near to each other, all the payments could be done by cash.

New Features

Before you start using the addon you should set the amount of roll and press HOST GAME. You should do it just once and that is necessary to understand that you are the host. Then you can press a new game.

It is possible to use different commands while playing gambling games. So, command 1 is equal to Join game, and -1 means Leave game. The host can press the Lastcall to make a signal that the game will start soon. There are few seconds to join the game.

That is interesting that the host can establish the commission fee amount. It is just necessary to use the command Guild Cut (ON). The host will get some money from every winning bet. If you don’t want to do it, you should make the function OFF.

Addon Commands

There are several commands and you should know them to get everything from the addon:

  • get the command list;
  • show/close the UI;
  • reset the addon if there are some bugs in the game;
  • reset the tracker of wins and loses;
  • join/unjoin the statistics of several players;
  • prohibit to join the gambling session;
  • delete ban;
  • check the list of banned gamblers;
  • delete the last roll.

While knowing the features of the addon, the host could manage the gambling session.

Chat in silent mode will let you follow the game process and do not be distracted on sounds from the chat. Moreover, if other gamblers also use the mode, you can chat with someone free and do not disturb other players.


So, the addon makes the MMORPG gambling game popular. You won’t see beautiful pictures. We can say that it is the common random number generator with several commands and it helps to add some function.

According to the practice, you won’t find the game in online casinos but you can easily download the addon to play with your friends. The more people take part in the game, the more interesting the gambling session. Moreover, the host can avoid playing but the person will let other gamblers use the addon. If the host turns on the commission fee, he will get money for every roll.