For years, sports betting virtuals were a market no serious punter was ever interested on. However, lockdowns and other developments in the past years have made them a very viable market. The growth in revenue is starting to tell a very different story. Developers have caught the trend on time, finding new and innovative ways to bring virtuals into the limelight once again.

It has given virtuals a new lease of life after a previously not so successful outing. According to many developers, they are becoming an irreplaceable part of the sports betting industry, and we couldn’t agree more.

What Makes Virtual Sports So Popular?

In the past few years, virtual sports have become increasingly more popular in many markets. A major growth was observed in Italy, the USA, the UK, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, and Russia among other countries. The top betting sites all had a bunch of these markets in a time where real-life sports events were stopped.

From an outsider in the world of sports betting, virtuals have become a pretty big market. They offered bettors a chance to do what they like the most even when there aren’t any games around. 

The growth of the market has been impressive too. In 2020 alone, estimates put the global revenue at around $12 billion. That’s a lot for a market that not many bettors would touch a few years ago. Developers have begun introducing more virtual products to the market, with Italy being in the limelight. The European country is the largest virtual sports market in the world, although strict regulations hold it back from growing even bigger.

Virtual football is expectedly the biggest virtual market in the world of online sports betting. This goes double for Italy, where the Serie A has a cult status. Even when the Lega Calcio is not on, bettors can satisfy their cravings with virtual sports betting. The unpredictable nature of the outcome of these matches is pretty close to what the Serie A brings, so the excitement is matched.

That’s all bettors need and the main reason why virtuals are so popular right now.

Future Developments

The rise of virtual sports betting has opened the door to new markets and customer preferences. Thanks to the ease of online gaming, it has never been hard to access virtual sports. Regardless if you prefer to play on desktop, laptop, or your mobile phone, getting to these games is relatively easy.

This is one of the driving forces behind the growth of virtuals. The future promises more innovation and bigger market growth. We fully expect the revenue to go up as early as this year and even more in the future.

Suppliers are now fully focused on improving their virtual sports products. There are high-quality football, basketball, tennis, and motor racing virtual products that brings different types of sports fans together. Developers are focused on introducing new features that will make virtuals even better.

We don’t expect them to overthrow regular sports from the throne, but for what it’s worth, they’re becoming an integral vertical for the sports betting industry.