It’s official: Albion Online launches worldwide on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on June 9, 2021! This launch is the culmination of years of upgrades and improvements, and fulfills Albion Online’s cross-play promise of delivering the full PC experience on mobile devices. Be sure to pre-register now to be notified when the mobile version is live!

To celebrate the launch, all players will be eligible for a cross-platform reward once the mobile version is officially released. This reward consists of the new Chimera Riding Horse Skin and Tomes of Insight worth 100,000 Fame, and will be awarded to all players who log into both the desktop and mobile version of the game after the launch on June 9.

A True Cross-Platform Experience

Albion Online was conceived nine years ago with a clear goal: to create a deep and meaningful player-driven sandbox MMORPG that was as accessible as possible. The ultimate accessibility goal was for players to be able to get the full PC experience wherever they were, and on whatever platform they chose, including iOS and Android devices.

Developing the Mobile Version

Creating Albion’s mobile version presented several unique challenges:

  • Making complex features accessible with the limited space available on mobile screens
  • Adapting controls from mouse to touch controls to ensure mobile players can compete with PC players
  • Optimizing memory usage and performance to run in the significantly more limited hardware environment of mobile devices

Launch Details

  • Albion Online launches worldwide for both Android and iOS on June 9
  • After downloading the app, all existing players will be able to freely log in to their accounts on their mobile devices
  • All players automatically qualify for the special cross-play reward (the Chimera Riding Horse Skin and Tomes of Insight worth 100,000 Fame) for playing on mobile and desktop on the same account
  • New players who sign up via mobile can also use their accounts to log into any of the native PC, Mac or Linux versions and will also receive the cross-platform reward

Whether you’re an experienced Albion Online player or a new player interested in starting the game, we invite you to download Albion Online on your mobile device and join us on June 9, 2021!