While many online casinos offer a variety of themes within their slot games, casino sites nowadays are deciding to level-up in the way they offer their sites up as a base to players. The concept today has been labelled as gamification, and quite frankly it makes any players gambling experience online, all the more exciting.

Gamification is something different for each casino that you visit, you will find some bonuses for online casinos are integrated within gamification themes, where others engage you in other ways and tactics like reward systems for hours spent during gameplay. If you are about to start your gambling experience and are wondering what to expect, this could definitely be a good article to familiarise yourself with beforehand.

Below is a summary of the different types of gamification themes that you can expect from casino to casino, within the gambling community today.

Loyalty points 

Loyalty schemes are found not only in the online gaming industry but all over. Whether it be online stores, adventure parks, holiday companies, etc. They are a great way of giving back to players. The concept of a loyalty scheme is simple, by becoming an existing customer and playing on their wide range of games, you can be rewarded in different ways.

Examples include a tiered system where players can work their way up some loyalty badges (a hierarchy essentially), and the more promotions they climb in the system, the more lavish rewards can actually get. Examples of a system today in many casinos, includes the tiers from bronze to platinum, and rewards of free spins, no deposit cash bonuses that have no wagering requirements attached. You hear that folks? The more you play, the more can level up in your casino status. Doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all, right?

Leaderboard systems

While we all love how singular casino gaming can be, this gamification concept actually allows players to compete against one another, which offers a different dynamic to usual and standard casino gameplay overall. Just like the previous example of a loyalty system, this would work in a very similar way, however unlike the other system, as a player you will promote yourself through the tiers, using loyalty points, and be pitted against other players within that exact playing community that the casino offers.

Then to battle it out against one another, there will be mini-games to try out for yourselves, in order to reign over your opponent once and for all. Of course, with any win you make using this gamification feature, you will also be exposed to more rewards and casino bonus goodies!

Missions and quests

The last gamification feature that often occurs within the casino gambling world, is the use of missions and quests. This is the most creative option, as players are able to focus on goals and missions as they gamble within the casino too, which really shakes up the entire experience of the casino world entirely, and prevents players from feeling bored; like they have seen it all before, kind of thing.

The more missions you play, rewards will be available at the end to collect, should you find yourself successful. Things such as free spins, small cash bonuses and reload schemes are offered collectively here, and the whole point is to add value to our gambling time. Oh, and did we mention the fact that you can personalise yourself as you embark on quests within the casino? Often an avatar is permitted to be created, to make your entire experience, seem that little bit more relevant to our favourite online games like Minecraft, Runescape etc.