Correct, Super Mario Party isn’t an MMO. Here’s your celebratory basket of onion rings for pointing that out. for everybody else who likes multiplayer games (which also are under our purview) and would really like to play some digital Mario board gaming with others, there’s a free update that has vastly opened the title’s online multiplayer offerings.

This latest patch has added 2v2 Partner Party mode and classic Mario Party mode to its online play offerings, allowing fans to duke it out against each other online for the primary time. The update has also added a web Minigame mode that permits players to ignore the parlor game stuff and easily play 70 different minigames against each other .

Again, this is often a free update, so owners of the sport can now expand their frenemies circle with an easy download (and the somewhat convoluted process of sharing friend codes). And for those that are upset about us covering this one, just hush and eat your onion rings.