Over recent years the popularity of online casinos has continued to grow and as such, the number of options out there for players has also increased. Having a choice of places and games to play is great for users, but it does mean that competition for casinos is high – so they have to do what they can to stand out from the crowd. Things like bonuses and offers for playing a particular game are becoming popular ways of attracting the attention of casino users and driving them towards a site; places like Casitabi (カジ旅 入金ボーナス) have really listened to feedback from their users and offer a range of promotions and offers to keep everyone entertained.

So what offers could a casino offer?  

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are popular with online casinos as they are a great way to drive new traffic to your website. Everyone likes the idea of a freebie, so offering a welcome bonus in the shape of free money or free games when someone first joins your site is a great idea. You can put different wager limits and restrictions on the bonus as long as these are transparent to the person signing up when they become a member. It is a good idea to advertise the welcome bonus as a big deal, as lots of casinos will be offering these and you want your offer to be the most enticing one the casino users see.

Free Trial

Some people are reluctant to try a new online casino, or maybe haven’t ever played at an online casino before. By offering a free trial you are giving someone the chance to try the website and make sure they’re happy before they commit. You could do this with just play for fun games, where people compete for play money or you could offer no deposit bonuses for new players when they can win real money, but with no commitment to deposit any of their own to start with. Lots of this will come down to your personal preference and how your casino works however either way, they’re a great way to encourage people over to your site.

Referral Bonus

If someone is recommended to a product or service by a friend then they are much more likely to make a purchase. By offering a referral bonus you are encouraging people to spread the word of your casino and invite their friends, who are much more likely to sign up as they will trust the referral. You can offer your existing player a bonus for referring their friend and the new player a welcome bonus like you would any other new player.

Big Game Prizes

As well as concentrating on new players, you should consider your existing users and how you can encourage them to continue to bet. Pay attention to big events and see what you can offer that coincides with this – for example, poker bonuses on a big poker tournament weekend. With people already in the mood for watching poker, they’re much more likely to join in with any bonuses you offer too!