E-sports is becoming massively popular across the world. The professional video game tournaments are now watched by huge crowds, with big sums of money often being on offer for prize money. The best gamers in the world can earn many millions each year due to their prowess on the sticks.

With this increasing popularity, more and more people are trying to place bets on e-sports events and matches. A lot of sports betting sites are now paying a lot more attention to this type of betting, bolstering their pre-game and in-game offerings.

Both UK-licensed sports betting sites and betting sites not on GamStop will often offer e-sports betting opportunities. However, there are some major differences between these two main types of platforms that you should be fully aware of. This article will take you through everything you need to know. 

How does E-Sports Betting in the UK Work? 

E-sports is taking off in the UK, with the main scenes currently being in North America and Asia. Fans of these video games tune in on a regular basis to watch their favourite players and teams battle it out.

A lot of UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licensed sites now have a section for e-sports. This will usually cover the main types of e-sports, with the selection of markets varying. However, a lot of the UK-licensed platforms will have very low stake limits on e-sports betting.

The UKGC focuses on responsible gambling and puts in place a lot of different limits on the sites that it licenses. GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme that works closely with the UKGC, allowing people to exclude themselves from using any UKGC sites for a certain period. 

How do Sports Betting Sites Not on GamStop Work 

Due to the increasing rules and restrictions on UK-licensed betting sites, a lot of people now prefer to use sports betting sites not on GamStop. These are outside of the jurisdiction of the UKGC and will often have a license with other regulators, like the Malta Gaming Authority.

These types of platforms often have a lot of distinct advantages for you to consider. They will often place a big focus on e-sports betting, providing access to a huge range of events and matches, as well as having a great selection of betting markets. This includes both pre-game and in-play betting, with live streams often being integrated into these sites.

You will also often get access to promotions that are more lucrative than those on UK sites as there are fewer restrictions on the non-GamStop betting sites. The available payment methods will also be more extensive, including having the ability to use credit cards and cryptocurrencies for your transactions.

While there are tons of legit non-GamStop betting sites such as the ones offered on non-gamstop-casinos.com, there will be some that are not trustworthy. Therefore, you should make sure that an operator has a good track record before you sign up for an account.

It is also important that people who are part of GamStop self-exclusion do not try to get around their blocks by turning to betting sites not on GamStop. Problem gambling is extremely dangerous and needs to be treated with a lot of care and attention. Responsible gamblers only are welcome at non-UK betting sites. 

Alternative E-Sports Gambling Options 

As well as traditional sports betting sites, there are a few other types of ways that gambling is incorporated into e-sports. For example, there are sometimes different kinds of currencies used when it comes to gambling on these events. Certain video games have loot box elements built into them.

These loot boxes allow you to usually exchange some in-game currency in order to get access to a box that contains a random collection of in-game items Some of these items will be a lot rarer and be more coveted than others. People can often buy in-game currency with real money.

They will partake in gambling as they are betting money in the hope that they will get a favourable outcome from the loot box. Some of the video games that have these types of loot boxes and popular in-game items will have secondary market places where you can then sell them for a pretty penny. Some of the popular in-game items include certain weapons, skins for the weapons, and character customizations. 

Gambling in the UK and Non-GamStop Casinos 

As expected, both UK sports betting sites and non-UK options are going to have their own sets of pros and cons. Here is a quick look at the advantages and drawbacks of the two options: 

UK Sports Betting Sites 


  • Licensed by a safe and secure regulator in the UKGC
  • Plenty of consumer protection for players
  • E-sports betting markets are getting more attention from operators
  • Sometimes have the option to watch live streams of e-sports events


  • Bet sizes are often very restricted
  • Limits on certain payment methods like cryptocurrencies and credit cards
  • Range of events and markets often not as good

Betting Sites not on GamStop 


  • Often has a huge collection of available e-sports events and betting markets
  • Few limits on bet sizes
  • Abundance of transaction options, including use of credit cards
  • Bonus offers often can be bigger and more lucrative


  • Not as much consumer protection as UKGC sites
  • Allows people to avoid GamStop self-exclusion


With e-sports betting only going to get bigger and bigger, it is definitely something that is on the radar of countless bettors in the UK. The main question is where is the best place to place these types of bets. UK-licensed betting sites have a good reputation for being safe options, but they do put in place.


A lot of restrictions on bettors. Non-UK sports betting sites will often offer a lot more freedom to people when it comes to the markets they can bet on, as well as the size of their wagers. Either way, now is an exciting time to be getting involved in e-sports betting, with this sector set to take off in the coming years.