World of Warcraft, the name sounds familiar, right? Of course, it does! Who doesn’t remember the most famous and fun-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORP) of 2004? Well, if you don’t, then reading this article will be fun for you.

Blizzard Entertainment was the developer for World of Warcraft (WoW), making its initial release on November 23rd, 2004. Can you imagine the number of active players this game has? Well, the average monthly active players are over 5 million, as the data from the previous months of 2021 shows. Moreover, do you know the peak of active players from a single day of February 2021? It is over 612,000 players!

Well, keep reading to know why this game was and still persists to be so popular among online gamers.

What Makes It So Interestingly Popular?

  • Largest MMORPG on the Internet

Do you want to know the greatest fact about this world-famous MMORPG game?  The community of gamers who take part in World of Warcraft is highly diverse and incredibly passionate about online multiplayer games.

This is among the best genres of games with an outstanding class of features and gameplay characteristics that are also suitable for new gamers. Moreover, new gamers can try online casinos with no deposit bonus that can bring not only satisfying but also a lot of money.  Additionally, WoW supports a vast array of languages and regions to allow players to compete with or play with their own fellow nationals.

  • Successful Player Retention of WoW

Do you want to know of the key reasons for the success of World of Warcraft among the multiplayer and role-playing gamers around the world? Well, the answer lies in the fruitful recipe of Blizzard Entertainment. The recipe comprised an extremely and incredibly challenging design of MMO games.

Along with that, WoW is vividly popular for its rewarding gameplay style, which gives joyful experiences to gamers while acting as a template for the latest games of similar genres. Moreover, WoW fans have stuck around throughout the various expansions of the game due to the intense social element from the developers. The most prominent expansions of World of Warcraft include Shadowlands, Battle of Azeroth, Mists of Pandaria, The Bruning Crusade, Legion, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and the Warlords of Draenor.

  • Easy on Your Gaming Computer

Are you wondering about the size of the game? It’s not significant enough to impact the performance or fry-out your computer’s circuits. Yes, despite vivid graphics and enormous open-world gameplay criteria that run along thousands of players online, WoW does not take a toll on your gaming system.

Of course, don’t assume that it will run on “potato” gaming setups! Although gamers love the way those cartoonish graphics of WoW appear on screen, they do not play it to enjoy the aesthetics. In fact, they appeal towards the gameplay much more passionately. Furthermore, any normal computer from this decade with an adequate dedicated graphics memory is sufficient to run WoW. 

  • Extensive Level of Personalization

Surely, you will want to learn about the coolest aspect of WoW, right? Well, it is the extensive level of personalization that this MMORPG has to offer. And remember, we are talking beyond setting the name and class of your in-game characters. Guessed it? The game allows you to choose race, faction, transportation. And you know what tops everything else? The “transmogrification” lets you modify the visuals of the gears you put on your in-game characters. Cool, right?


So, now you know what makes a massively multiplayer online role-playing game like World of Warcraft popular till this year. What are you waiting for? Maybe, 10 dollar deposit casino can be regarded as an alternative. Go and start playing the amazing game that looks fun but offers an endless adventure time with online payers from all-around the world.

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