It’s no wonder games are so popular, they are a crucial part of development for lots of advanced species. Humans and animals learn through play and gain valuable life skills while experiencing fun. This is especially true for children, as playing games boost their motor and social skills. However, video games are a bit different, and each type can evoke a certain emotion or appeals to a certain target audience. 

We also need to mention that there are casino or luck-based games, which people find entertaining. Even though their gameplay can be vastly different compared to other video games, some of the core design principles are actually the same. This is because of human psychology, and other innate factors that motivate us to play games. Since this is such a fun topic to explore we are going to take a bit deeper dive. 

Skinner Box Effect

One common aspect of all games is the reward system or so called Skinner Box. Both video and casino games reward players when they perform well, and this reward incentivizes them to continue playing. It can be in the form of a power-up, a cosmetic reward, a sense of accomplishment, or in the case of casino games, a monetary reward. This is why players research the rating of British online casinos, as they need to know these are legitimate and reliable. If casinos cheat players out of their reward then there is basically no reason to play. Another pretty apparent reason is that is outright theft.   

Video games have more frequent rewards, in order to motivate players to expand their play sessions. This is why you often gain power-ups frequently in the beginning in order to become more invested in your character, whereas when you are invested in the entire game those same rewards become more scarce. 

When it comes to casino games, sites rely on so-called free spins. Players can easily find casinos with free spins no deposit at uk gamblizard site, and start playing basically for free. However, hitting a jackpot on a slot machine is very rare and no one would continue to play after a series of losses. This is why there are lots of other combinations that allow players to win a portion of funds because rewards are necessary for prolonging a playing session. 

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The Four Bartle Types

By examining player behavior and what they do in games psychologists arrived at some interesting conclusions. Massive multiplayer online games usually cater to a large audience, but upon inspection, you will see that people enjoy them for different reasons. Basically, four types of players or the four Bartle types are:

  1. Achievers
  2. Explorers
  3. Socialites 
  4. Killers

Achievers are those who love to play in order to advance to different levels, gain new powers, perform feats of strength, and in essence beat the game. It’s like overcoming obstacles that give them a sense of achievement and pushes them to experience games at greater difficulty. 

Explorers love games for the endless possibilities that their worlds offer. They love exploring every nook and cranny, finding secret or hidden content, and piecing together the whole story. They don’t rush to finish the story, they like to take their time and enjoy the scenery. 

Socialites love the game for its social aspect, they get to discuss their favorite hobby with other players and make friends online. They enjoy coordinating teamwork, exchanging opinions, or just chatting. 

Killers are those who love to compete and assert their dominance and superiority over others. They love the game because it allows them to test their skills against other players, and ultimately emerge victoriously. 

Of course, no one is just a single type of player, but rather a unique mix of all of these types. Different genres cater to different types, some emphasize player vs. player gameplay, others are very hard to beat, some offer large worlds to explore, and finally, there are those that heavily rely on teamwork. 


Hopefully, you learned something new about gamers and even about yourself. Playing both video and casino games like poker, roulette, and Blackjack will evoke the same emotion. Therefore, the genre is irrelevant. All players worldwide have the same passion and similar feeling when stepping into the virtual world of amazing graphics, achievements, rewards, and endless possibilities. In the end, isn’t having fun the point of every game ever made?