The current state of the world calls for more video games than ever before to entertain people worldwide. The good news is there are top games you can expect in 2021. PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X/S are out, and the Switch is holding on strong, meaning there are many games on the horizon. There are already new games hitting the market, and you should expect more. You can choose from a great variety of games to play with virgin games, where you can expect new slots titles and existing gambling games. Here are the top 7 most anticipated games of 2021:

7. Gotham Knights

Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Due: May 7

Batman is dead, allegedly, and Gotham City is dropping further into a cesspool of crime and wickedness. The Caped Crusader’s former cronies Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Nightwing, have to take the responsibility of renewing the fight in his absence. 

Gotham Knights is said to be a standalone game with role-playing features. It also has solo and two-player co-opt action. After watching the game’s trailer, you should be excited. 

6. Resident Evil Village

Platforms: PS5, Xbox, PS4, PC

Due: May 7

Resident Evil Village takes over where Resident Evil 7 left. Expect the first-person view and optional VR support. It is also expected to loop back on the same main character. The experience promises to be spooky, especially the VR view of an entire ghostly village. 

5. DeathLoop

Platforms: PS5, PC

Due: May 21

Dishonored and Prey made people conclude that Arkane doesn’t make typical shooters. However, Deathloop is set to change that notion. The game looks to blend elements of the previous games but with a whole new twist. 

4. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Platform: PlayStation 5

Due: June 11

It’s been a while since the last entirely original Ratchet & Clank game. The previous release was a remake. Rift Apart is not so different from the standard series formula. However, the PS5 hardware unlocks some gripping new twists. 

In effect, the system’s super-fast SSD storage allows the supposed rifts that let the gallant duo hop between worlds on the fly. Otherwise, the game looks like another exciting, cartoonish mission with nostalgic visuals and entertaining weapons. 

3. Halo Infinite

Platforms: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

Due: Autumn 2021

Halo Infinite was supposedly the big Xbox Series X/S launch game. However, the game’s trailer showed that it needed some polishing. After blowback, Microsoft and 343 Industries opted to push the release to 2021. 

Expectations are high as Halo 5 was a disappointment, and Halo Infinite is believed to be the big boost the series needs right now. As a result, Microsoft cannot afford to rush it and ruin it. 

2. God of War: Ragnarok

Platform: PlayStation 5

Due: TBA 2021

Sony’s God of War reimaging was one of the best games of the PS4 generation. It is coming back in2021 in PS5. It is not official that the game will be called God of War: Ragnarok, the first teaser hinted at the name. It also suggests that Norse’s mythological event will drive the latest viciously extreme adventure. It is also not confirmed whether it will come on PS4. 

1.Horizon Forbidden West

Platform: PlayStation 5 PlayStation 4

Due: Q3/Q4 2021

Horizon Zero Dawn was among PlayStation 4’s best exclusives. It is a vividly compelling and absolutely stunning adventure that remained unmatched on Xbox and other platforms. It also seriously showcased the power of the PlayStation 4 Pro. 

It is expected that Horizon Forbidden West will do the same on PS5. The game is also likely to explore the new land filled with robotic beasts with incredible sights.