Indonesia, known as a tropical paradise, can offer numerous pristine, enough to spend a lifetime to explore every single one of them. The country is also renowned for historical sites, street foods, diverse cultures and one of the emerging economies of the world. And if you’re a gambling enthusiast, add online casinos in the bucket list.

If you are in Indonesia, you simply can’t visit the brick and mortar version to indulge yourself in the thrill of gambling, rather you just have to do virtually. Though virtual, online casinos are quite adept in rendering thrilling experiences no less real than real life experience.

But in Indonesia, gambling in online casinos is deemed as illegitimate and strictly banned. That’s why, online casino experiences are brought to the people by companies operating outside of Indonesia. As such, the big guns in the online casino industry have already reached out and started providing their services. It was inevitable as Indonesia is the fourth populist country in the world.

About 85% of the Indonesian population is Muslims and the country is also governed by strict Islamic law. But gambling enthusiasts aren’t intimidated and can enjoy gambling online. As I have mentioned earlier, the industry leaders in the online gambling arena have extended their businesses and Indonesians can access some of the best casinos via online. All an Indonesian needs is to log on in the international gambling sites and casino Indonesia becomes a reality. You can get lost in the exciting world of gambling at home while being super relaxed and comfortable, on your way to the gym or on the way back home from the office after a long tiring day.

A Bit Of A History Lesson:

Indonesians were once able to gamble. The governor Ali Sadikin made gambling legal in Indonesia in 1967. But it didn’t last. The status was revoked after six years. In 1981, stricter regulations were put in place and the situation has been the same since. Some forms of gambling like national lottery or putting bets on soccer games were tried to imply around the 1980s but it wasn’t successful. And it remains the same till to date.

Online Casinos In Indonesia

There are a plethora of options to choose from online. The service offered by the big names in the online casino industry is very efficient. Gamblers will be able to receive first-class customer service. Then there are more than a few recognized, trusted and accepted payment methods which ensure the safety of transactions of money. There are the expensive encrypted systems put in place to guarantee data protection of the players as well.

The international online casinos that welcome Indonesian gamblers have proper licensure by international gambling authorities and governing bodies. The pioneers in gaming software provide the necessary infrastructure support that warrants smooth functioning of the web or app based application. They are also responsible for bringing unique Asian theme-based online games with the proverbial popular and world famous games to the Indonesian punters. That’s why Indonesian punters can not only enjoy the classic Slot Machines, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack but they also can relate to the Asian Koi Princess, Cherry Blossoms, Asian beauty etc. Most importantly if you prefer to up the excitement, there is the option to participate live – with mimicking the actual events as closely as possible.  

As keeping up with the longstanding tradition of awarding bonuses to the new players, Indonesian users will be awarded a variety of welcome bonuses by online casino sites. The welcome bonuses will be in foreign currency and there would be a small charge incurred for converting currencies to Indonesian Rupiah.But Indonesian Rupiah still isn’t available as the medium of exchange. That’s why Euros, US dollars, or Great British pounds are the mediums for Indonesians to participate in the online casinos. The process is simple enough – your deposit of Indonesian Rupiahs would be exchanged into the currency you choose. When you withdraw, the same would ensue. A small admin or transaction-related fees for the conversion you may need to pay.

MasterCard and Visa cards are widely used for safe deposits into the player’s online account for playing in the casinos. The best methods though are using eWallets – the likes of Skrill or Neteller are regarded as safe and handy for online gambling. Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, DANA or GoPay are useful mediums for playing online. When withdrawals are required, using crypto currencies should always be preferred since they offer anonymity.  The professionals however recommend to be anonymous – whether you are depositing or withdrawing, as gambling, online or not, is still looked down upon. 

The present scenario for gamblers in Indonesia, to put it mildly, is still far from favorable. And there is no sign that it is going to be changed anytime soon. But yet Indonesian gambling enthusiasts can enjoy the thrills by going online and using the internationally recognized sites.

But it doesn’t matter even if you have all the freedom to enjoy unlimited gambling – online or in person in the brick and mortar gambling outlets – please always remember to stop, when the game stops being fun.