This pandemic may have forced Baltimoreans to stay at home far more than they would have liked but that is not to say that just because we are holed up that we cannot have any fun. There are so many businesses and entertainment facilities which are closed, that we all cannot wait to get back open again, but for the time being we have to just sit tight and ride this out. To those of you who are missing the unbridled fun of the casino, we have some great tips which you can follow, to mimic the casino thrill in your own home. 

Here is how to bring the casino to you, given that you are unable to go to it. 


If you are going to purchase anything casino-like for your home then the 3 most important pieces of kit to buy are a deck of cards, a dice and a roulette wheel. You will be pleased to know that roulette wheels are very low cost and there are some budget options online which really do the job well. Sadly in Maryland residents cannot enjoy the option to try Casimba online casino, but that doesn’t mean that the wheel has to stop spinning. Grab a deck of cards and a roulette wheel and you are halfway to having your very own casino setup. 

Card Games

Many decades ago the casino was about a deck of cards and a pair of dice, that was it. This is why it is important to keep it simple when it comes to creating your own casino, and card games can form the very heart of this. The two key games which you can play with your friends and family at home are poker and blackjack, two fun games which will keep you occupied for hours on end. Both games are easy to play and easy to learn, and are packed with fun. 

Playing Online 

As mentioned above, online gambling is not allowed for residents of Maryland but that doesn’t mean that you cannot gamble with friends over the web. Using the likes of Zoom you and your friends or family can still have a great time playing card games, even if you are not in the same room. Naturally you will have some tweaks to make and you will have to arrange things so that you can maintain the secrecy of your cards, but that won’t take much working out at all. Even a simple game like higher and lower can be set up with friends and family, a super fun game which will keep everyone entertained. 

In terms of gambling, you can make your very own tokens and chips with paper, you really don’t have to go whole hog online in order to buy every piece that you are used to from the casino. As long as you have dice, cards and a roulette wheel, you will be good to go.