The gaming industry is experiencing growth now more than ever. The growth has been partly due to the dedication of game developers who have developed amazing games. Such developments have led to the growth of the NJ online gambling industry, as the interest in online gambling thrived. Hardware manufacturers are also doing their part by pushing their innovations to the limit. In 2021, gamers should expect to see new gaming trends that will change the industry for the better. This post discusses the most popular trends in the gaming industry that you should look out for.

Augmented Reality

The Pokemon Company released a mobile application called Pokemon Go in 2016. The application became a massive hit as it used the augmented reality technology. This technology integrates the virtual world with the real world. 

By 2019, the application had a billion downloads worldwide. Industry experts argue that the success of the app is down to the technology behind it. This success has inspired more game developers to design games that use this technology. Therefore, in 2021, you should expect to see more of the AR technology in games.


In 2021, games will continue to be more inclusive. Inclusivity in this context refers to the trend of developers, including more diverse characters in the game’s storylines. An example is Sims 4, which is regarded as the most inclusive game in the industry today. 

The game gives the players the leeway to come up with their own avatar bearing different skin colors, among other features. Expect to see more mainline games offering players the option of customizing their characters. This trend will attract many players from different cultures and tastes. 

Console upgrades

It is a widespread trend for gaming companies to release incremental console upgrades every year. In the past, once the consoles were released, players did not get any upgrades. The units could last in the market for up to 10 years without any upgrades. 

But, things are different now. Hardware manufacturers like Microsoft and Sony release incremental console upgrades for their products. After every year or two, the companies release a new version of the existing game system. The upgraded versions are more attractive because they come with long-lasting batteries. 

Mobile Gaming

Studies conducted recently revealed that up to 2.5 billion people in the world own smartphones. This colossal market share motivated the software developers to focus on the development of mobile-friendly applications. This gave birth to a new genre of gaming known as mobile gaming. 

Gaming companies make their brands popular by offering bonuses and promotions. In 2021, there will be more games being developed for smartphones as developers see an opportunity to make money. 

Feeling First Design

This is one of the latest trends in the gaming industry. This design approach has been picked up by many developers who use design elements that invoke certain emotions. For instance, color combinations or any other technique that can make the games more interactive and fun. 

Final Thoughts

The gaming industry will rely on technological innovations to drive its course in 2021. As developers continue to be more innovative, the gamers should brace themselves for a better gaming year.