Online gambling access has been a struggle, and restrictions still limit the number of casinos online for Hungarian players. An expert on online gambling, Szilvia Sultés, says online casinos in Hungary come with a wide variety of games to keep you entertained. There are a few options for online gamers in Hungary. One is Zet Casino, and the other is through the famous game not unknown to the Hungarian community, Grand Theft Auto.

GTA 5 is famous for its perpetual add-ons. As recently as last year, Rockstar Games launched the much-anticipated feature to its online gaming world, the Diamond Casino GTA.  

Diamond Casino and Resort – A Big Deal 

What’s the big deal about the GTA online casino in the gaming world, you may ask? The Diamond Casino had always been in the GTA 5 game, but it was blocked. Rockstar Games needed this expansive and grandiose casino to take the game to the next level. This upgrade transformed this action-adventure game. It’s now more than accomplishing missions using firearms and explosives, fast cars, sexy women, and skilled characters.

Rockstar’s decision to enter the sophisticated world of gambling offers you a whole new world to play in. It upped the game by engaging the online casino population in standard or VIP membership enrollments, customizable penthouses, eloquent casinos, and the casino store. This came with a price, but it’s a cost that any online casino gamer is willing to indulge in to experience the playground of the GTA 5 Casino. 

Here’s the deal. You can buy GTA$ cash and trade them into GTA 5 gambling chips. From there, you can crank the slot machines, place your bets at the roulette table, flip poker cards, and pick your favourite horses. It’s even possible to spin the Lucky Wheel and stand a chance of winning a selection of prizes. 

If that’s not enough, you can also partake in other add-ons in the GTA 5 online game. Story modes in the game allow you to become an aircraft concierge or order a diamond limousine. Other enjoyable features include a members-only party, playing in the high limit tables, or spending your winnings on the array of new cars. The choice is yours. 

It’s also reasonably priced to become a member, at only GTA$500 initial sign up fee. You’ll be dealt with a welcome bonus of 5,000 chips. The next step will be to embark on a journey into this sophisticated world and authentic gambling experience with smooth game-play.

The History of Casinos in GTA – PSP & Vita

Leone Casino made its first appearance in PSP in GTA III, GTA Advance, and GTA Liberty City Stories. Though there are other casinos in the game, such as Big Shot Casino, they don’t feature on the PSP. Unfortunately, those games on PSP (Vice City Stories and Chinatown Wars) don’t have casinos. 

According to the expert Szilvia Sultés (view her profile), it’s disappointing to note that even though a few of these games made it to the PSP, none of them made it to PS Vita. This is the only gaming console that doesn’t have a GTA title. If you use Remote Play on your PS Vita, you can access GTA 5 and the GTA Online Casino via the PS4. A noteworthy point is that PS Vita can emulate the three GTA titles on the PSP and is a popular choice for loyal PS Vita owners. It’s a bit of an effort, but that will have to do for now. Hopefully, Playstation will get with the program. 

Possibilities On The Horizon

We may never know what’s on the horizon with GTA online gambling. Rockstar Games never cease to amaze us and will continue to evolve the franchise and add more in-game casinos. This is possibly the new normal, and that’s excellent news for both GTA and gambling fans.