In today’s fast-paced gambling trends, it is not uncommon for a software provider, who are working with online casinos (find out more about Playamo),  and a gaming content developer to announce a partnership. Thanks to this collaboration of companies, many games can be integrated into gambling platforms with new technological solutions.

In this article, we will tell you about a new MMO game project that is already taking over the world.

Ashes of Creation is preparing the launch of its Alpha 1, in particular by upgrading its card. In a question and answer game with the players, Intrepid also underlines its intention to make an MMORPG and not a solo RPG with other players.

On December 18, Ashes of Creation is set to kick off a new testing phase, as a prelude to the launch of the MMORPG’s Alpha 1. The development team at the Intrepid studio is preparing for this (even though teleworking is still mandatory for all employees) and will report on development progress in its monthly livestream.

We note in particular that the test version is now based on the map of Alpha 1 (and no longer on the island of Alpha 0) and that the game world now includes a new environment to explore. The developer also specifies that he has added NPCs. They can teleport players across the map – this is temporary and they are likely to be removed (movement and transport methods are an integral part of the gameplay). Yet, these characters are necessary for now as the current version of the game does not yet manage sea travel.

According to the developer, the number of players is not decisive. There are mechanisms to adapt the power of the monster on the fly. If there are a lot of players, the monster will be able to trigger attacks from more devastating areas. If the players are outnumbered, they will have to recruit more fighters. Either way, the developer is inclined to let the players fend for themselves in the open world – if some mechanics dictate that the number of players must be controlled, the developer would use instances.

Understandably, the Intrepid studio is designing an MMORPG that respects traditional MMORPG codes, for players looking for MMORPG game mechanics. Yet, we also note that the developer imagines “communities” of players at different scales, both for those who enjoy interacting with a very large number of players (on a global scale), and for those who prefer to evolve in small groups (“micro-communities”), while ensuring that all these players find their place in the gameplay and in the game universe.