Playing Xbox over the internet is very popular, providing opportunities to play with individuals from all over the world. There are many advantages to this, including using the Xbox console for streaming through Netflix. This makes it possible to watch movies locally and from other countries. The first thing you need is a VPN for the Xbox console. Here’s why:

When playing Xbox online, using the internet should always be secured with a virtual protocol network (VPN) to keep hackers from accessing personal data. This also helps to bypass any restrictions that may be in place in certain regions and getting past locked websites. Setting up the VPN for the Xbox console may be challenging at first, but once it is set up, streaming Netflix movies and shows is easy.

A VPN masks the IP address, rerouting the traffic to a different location via a server so no one will be able to tell where the user is coming from. When doing this via the Xbox the same protections will take place. When playing on the Xbox, most users can see the IP address, opening things up to DDoS attacks from users who don’t play fair. When things get really serious, those types of users go to extreme measures, so protecting your location is key. The VPN provides an extra layer of security and safety.

How to use Netflix streaming on Xbox

  • Have an Xbox Live account

An active Xbox Live subscription is needed, even if you have the internet. This is the only way to connect to the interface.

  • Internet with a decent speed

Having an internet connection with a reliable speed is key in gaming and streaming Netflix. VPNs are known to slow down some internet connections, so the higher the connection, the better the results and video quality. Resolution is important here, so at least 20 Mbps is recommended. In a number of cases, the ISP can also do things to slow down the service, but with a VPN they won’t be able to.

  • Netflix subscription

A Netflix subscription is needed to start using the service.

There are two ways to stream on Xbox:

  • Install the VPN directly onto the router

This will automatically divert all internet traffic through the VPN without having to do anything additional when turning on the device. With the Xbox connected to the router, content can easily be unblocked with the additional protection in place. VPN routers are available pre-configured or can be set up with an existing router.

  • Manually connect the Xbox to a protected computer

There is an Ethernet port on the Xbox to connect it to the internet. If the computer has a VPN protecting it, the Xbox will be protected as well.

When using a VPN to stream Netflix, having a good VPN provider that is P2P compatible; has unlimited bandwidth; lightning-fast speed; optimized servers for streaming and gaming; can support multiple connections, and has router compatibility should be priorities on the list. There are certain VPN providers who are widely recommended for streaming Netflix with Xbox:

  • ExpressVPN

The console comes with a unique Xbox One-compatible MediaStreamer app, making it easy to stream content in every region without encryption.

Surfshark is popular and known for its ease of use, a number of servers, and speed. Data and location are private, making sure sensitive activities like watching unblocked content is untraceable.

  • NordVPN

NordVPN doesn’t have it’s own Xbox streaming app but has a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and a no-logs policy. They also support P2P connections.

  • CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a good choice for people new to using VPNs and can be used with the router or with 7 devices at the same time. They have almost 6,000 servers in over 90 countries and will not limit or throttle the bandwidth.

  • PrivateVPN

This VPN was designed for P2P connections and is well-suited for online gaming. That means it works amazingly when streaming. This is also router-compatible and can protect up to 6 different devices at a time with unlimited bandwidth.

  • Hotspot Shield

This VPN offers some of the fastest speeds of any VPN when it comes to gaming and streaming. It is also one of the most inexpensive available, is router-compatible and you can connect up to 5 devices at one time.

Using a VPN is one of the most important things you need when doing anything on the internet, whether gaming, streaming, or watching a smart TV. With so many hackers infiltrating systems, doing everything you can to protect your information and assets makes a difference. One of the best advantages of being able to stream Netflix through the Xbox is you won’t have to switch systems or switch to television mode – everything can be done right from the console.

With the ability to watch different shows and movies in any region, this makes it a convenient choice and the right decision to keep your internet connections safe. Almost every VPN has a trial period, making it easier to determine which one works best without making the initial investment.