When you look at where the online casino sector is now compared to where it was at the turn of the century, it is clear to see how far it has come. It is reported that the entire online gambling sector could be worth $102.97bn by 2025 – online casino gaming makes up a significant chunk of this revenue. 

There are various reasons for the rise of online casino gaming. The constant flow of new casino games is one, while the attractive bonuses given out by internet casinos is another. Gambling Metropolis brings all this information about bonuses together to save you the hassle of hunting it down yourself. The increasing levels of personalization that casino gaming is bringing to players seems to be another major factor. 

As with other types of gaming, this is all about making the whole experience unique for individual players. It also allows casino sites to make things more exciting, just as video games such as Red Dead Online unveil cool updates to achieve the same goal. Just how are casino sites making the gaming experience ever more personal though? 

AI and player data helps

Every time you log onto a casino site to enjoy a certain slot or your favorite table game, this data is collected by the casino. Most top online casinos now will then use powerful AI software to build up a personal picture of each player and tailor their experience on the site as a result. If you mainly play slots, for example, this could see new slots flagged up when you first log on.

24/7 tailored customer support 

Customer support is also playing a big role in making casino gaming more individual and less generic. Most online casinos, for example, will now have multilingual support, so you can get help in your own language. Most will also offer a variety of ways to get in touch 24/7 now. This means that you can select the method you like most and use it to contact them how and when you like. 

Tailored bonus packages 

Although welcome bonuses may be fairly generic, you will soon notice bonuses getting more personal as you game on any one site. If you mainly enjoy playing roulette, for example, you may get free chips to gamble with as a loyalty bonus. Another player who prefers slots though may get 10 free spins on a new game to enjoy. This shows just how clever online casinos are now in personalizing every aspect of their offering to each specific player. 

Casino play online is getting more personal 

We already knew that video games were becoming more personalized with the ability to customize game characters however you like in a lot of titles. The world of online casino play has started to make things a lot more individual though, as the above shows. This is likely to attract more players than ever to this gaming niche and see it grow even more in the future.