Online gambling has become such a popular activity that you can now find gambling aspects and mini-games in many games that are being played online. There are some popular MMO games that have incorporated a gambling feature. These added features enhance the player experience and combine the action of the MMO with the technology of online gambling. At, you can learn more about the great features that are found on some of the top played games, including World of Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto. We take a closer look at the gambling aspect in these two games below.

How to Gamble in WoW – The Deathroll

Since 2004, World of Warcraft has been one of the most popular MMORPG titles played. While the game itself is entertaining and rewarding, the ability to gamble for gold is what makes WoW even more enjoyable. There is a roll feature that can be used and with this, the game will automatically roll a number that is between 1 and 100. You will roll against another player and the one with the highest number will win the gold.

There is also the Deathroll feature, where you can roll between 1 and 500. With this, you will choose the amount you wish to wager. All players will then roll. This will continue until someone rolls a 1. They will then lose and will be required to pay other players.

Another gambling option featured in WoW is the raid-wide option. Anyone who is part of your raid can participate and you will decide how much you wish to wager and everyone involved will have to roll that amount. After all rolls are complete. The game will calculate who has to pay and how much is owed to the players. The winner will be the one who has rolled the highest.

Enjoy the Casino in GTA

Ever since the first Grand Theft Auto game was released, players have been curious about the casino. There has long been a sign announcing it will open soon, and finally, in 2019, it happened! When playing GTA Online, the Diamond Casino & Resort is open for business and you can enjoy some great gambling action!

When you enter the casino, you are able to convert your GTA$ into chips. These can then be used to play a variety of entertaining casino games, including slots, horse races, table and card games, and more. Not only can you enjoy a gambling experience, but the Online casino offers other activities. You will find new story missions, new cars, a casino heist to carry out, and a Penthouse suite that can be decorated.

While you will not be playing for real money inside the Grand Theft Auto casino, the offering of games provides a nice element to the game overall. You will be able to play hands of roulette, blackjack, and Three Card poker and there are some great slot machines that offer appealing themes. Try your luck with games like Impotent Rage and Twilight Knife to collect some GTA$!

Just like you would find at a real money online casino, the casino in GTA offers a VIP membership. You can enjoy many perks that can include valet parking, limo services, VIP lounge access, high limit tables, and more. To become a VIP member, you must buy the Master Penthouse at the casino using your GTA cash.

Casino Minigames in RPG Titles


Aside from the two popular MMO games we have mentioned, you will also find some great gambling mini games being offered in some role playing games. The offering of these enhances the gaming experience and there are some great ways to progress through the game and earn player perks. Here are some of the top RPG games that have a casino aspect included.

  • Red Dead Redemption – Enjoy a poker minigame of Texas Hold’em
  • Fallout New Vegas – This is a great game that offers a host of gambling games, including blackjack, slots, and caravan roulette.
  • The Witcher 3 – Enjoy a card game called Gwent, which is a poker-like game that will help players move between areas in the game.

The offering of gambling minigames and other gambling features not only enhance the gameplay, but also increases the realism of any video or online game. With some of the most popular titles incorporating some type of gambling aspect, you can now earn more money in games, achieve different levels, and enjoy an incredible experience.

Of course, if you truly love the action of gambling, there are hundreds of licensed and regulated online casinos operating. These sites provide a chance to engage in real money play on your favorite casino titles and you can enjoy the thrills of playing realistic games right from the comforts of home. You can even benefit from high paying bonuses when you signup!