The fans are aware that this upcoming game has a lot to show off for it. The UK is under the burden of totalitarianism, the cars are futuristic, hackers and freedom fighters are taking over the world. This article will discuss what we already know about Watch Dogs: Legion that is about to be released soon.

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So, here’s the list of what we already know is awaiting us in the upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion:

  1. What makes the new part of the series differ from the previous ones?

The main thing that differs from Watch Dogs: Legion from the previous parts is that you’re not playing with the one single protagonist only. You can be anyone you would like to. If you want, you can be a rebellious teen, an energetic student, or even a wise senior citizen. You may even also try the role of the businesswoman! There are no restrictions left.

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  1. What is the background there?

The events of the game take place in London. Everything happens in the future: The UK withdrew from the European Union. However, this entailed a protracted economic and political crisis. Large corporations came to power, and the streets of the city were mired in crime. In order to stop the spread of banditry and popular unrest, all the control over the citizens, their actions, and the entire infrastructure were given to the ctOS system. The hacker group DedSec opposes the establishment of a totalitarian regime.

  1. You only live once

Each character has one life to live only. If the character dies during the mission or on the streets of the city in free mode, then he or she disappears from the game forever.

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To sum up

That’s it for our compilation of the facts about the video games we know so far. Ubisoft promises to clue us in on some more details about the game in the short term. Watch Dogs: Legion is to be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in March 2020.