Jackpot – the maximum win in gaming establishments, which is formed by all bets made by players before the winning combination will appear. Accordingly, the longer the jackpot does not fall out, the more impressive its amount. Players are very attracted and motivated to play such a super prize slot machines, but only a few players will be lucky enough to get it. Some generally think that this is a marketing ploy of the casino and to win such a jackpot in principle is not realistic.

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How realistic is it to win a jackpot in slot machines online?

If we are talking about an honest casino that does not “tweak” slot machines, uses licensed software and fulfills its obligations to players, then it is quite possible to win the jackpot. However, there are no clear rules or strategies on how to get the jackpot. After all, it is impossible to predict or calculate the result of a random number generator.

How is the maximum prize formed?

Today in the casino, both offline and online, several options for calculating the maximum jackpot are used:

  • Stand Alone Progressive – the jackpot grows out of bets made on one specific machine.
  • In House – the maximum winning amount is accumulated from bets made on all slots of the selected institution.
  • Area Wide – the prize is formed from slot machines of the entire casino network.

It is logical that in the first case the amount of winnings will be significantly less than in the rest. However, experienced gamblers claim that such a jackpot is the easiest to catch. Moreover, the casinos themselves suggest where it has not happened for a long time – this can usually be understood not only by the huge amount on the counter, but also by the Hot icon, which caring marketers display next to the slot.

There are also combined options for the formation of the main prize. For example, it accumulates for a bunch of machines connected by one theme or functionality – for a group of three-drum slots or machines with a particular plot. It also happens that the progressive jackpot is not being accumulated over the casino network, but at several companies that use licensed software of a certain software developer.

Useful Tips for Jackpot Hunters

If you decide to try your luck and catch the maximum prize – please be patient and have big budget. Be sure to read the jackpot payment rules at the selected casino. For example, sometimes it is required that maximum bets be made for the selected machine. It will also not be amiss to look for information whether there were precedents for the payment of large wins by one organization or another. Often jackpot is really just a decoy and it either doesn’t fall out in particular gambling site, or it isn’t paid out under various pretexts.

If you play in foreign casinos, be sure to check the technical capabilities of withdrawing large winnings to your account. It will be a shame to spend a lot of time and effort on a prize that will remain virtual.

Also, experienced players are advised to try to catch a big jackpot on classic machines, preferably three-reel. On slots with a complex story and multi-level bonuses, making this much more difficult.

Soberly assess your losses – don’t mindlessly chase after the ghostly gain, losing the last money. Always keep a sober head and stop on time.

If you are lucky and the treasured jackpot is in your hands, it is better to leave the game for a while. There are hundreds of cases when such a lucky one immediately rushed in pursuit of the next prize and lost to zero. So, don’t fall completely to your emotions.