As the global online casino business continues to boom, more and more of us are flocking to the web to see what all the fuss is about.

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting aspects of many online casinos is the way in which they use gamification. Essentially, this just means that they employ elements often found in games within their casino offerings.

This might mean that you get to enjoy a slot themed after your favourite cartoon character, or that you hit the poker table to do battle with cigar smoking mobsters. Basically, gamification is what makes casino gaming so fun! If this sounds good to you, you can find great online casino reviews at Lennus.

In this article, we will take a look at how gamification is used in online casino casinos. We will take a look at what exactly gamification is before seeing how it can be best employed. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what gamification really means.

What is gamification?

Although is might sound complicated, the concept of gamification refers to the idea of using elements normally found in games in other types of media. At online casino sites, this might take the form of a slot machine that revolves around a quest for gold, or a poker game that takes on the mystique of an old-world Vegas casino

How do online casinos use gamification?

Basically, gamification is used by online casinos to make casino games more exciting and unique. Imagine how boring things would be if every slot game, roulette game and poker game looked the same!

Why do casinos use gamification?

Essentially, gamification is used at online casinos in order to keep punters coming back for more fun! When a game is repetitive and boring, players are more likely to look elsewhere for fun. However, when casino games are filled with special prizes, bonuses, rewards and more, things get really thrilling and this keeps us playing!

Some casinos have even started to use a chat feature to allow players to communicate and build their network online during play, another smart gamification move that helps retain players.

Final thoughts


Overall, it would be fair to say that gamification is used in online casinos to great effect. In recent years, gamification has become an integral element in the growth of the online casino industry and players have grown to love the way in which casino games have become more unique, entertaining and downright thrilling to play!