Gambling online is something that is still relatively new to the gaming and casino industry and, thanks to the rapid growth in technology online gambling is improving more and more through the years. From better graphics to more varieties of games to choose from, these are just some of the exciting things that you can expect from online gambling in the upcoming years. 

Although online gambling is becoming more popular through the years, it is not yet available for all countries around the world. This is because of certain gambling laws and restrictions put in place in some parts of the world like America, India, Australia and Africa. Australia is one of the countries where not all gambling is illegal online however, there are restrictions to what online gambling activities you can partake in legally. To make things a bit clearer for you, we are going to discuss some of the things that you should know when gambling online in Australia so, keep reading if you are interested. 

What Does the Law State?

In Australia, the law states that it is illegal for any online casino operator to set up real money casino gambling in the country. This means that online casinos that require real money cannot yet operate in Australia. The ban on online casinos comes under the Interactive Gaming Act 2001 which means that any interactive gambling activities including games of chance, mixed chance and skill played online over the internet is prohibited. Games of chance that you can’t play in Australia over the internet include Poker, Caps and Blackjack as well as a few other table games. If you come across any online then, it is best to avoid them to be on the safe side so you are not breaking any laws and can avoid criminal prosecutions. 

Why Online Gambling is Illegal

For Australia and many other countries, online gambling is illegal or there are restrictions in place but why are online casinos illegal? Well, online gambling is considered illegal due to the Gambling Act put in place in 2001. This act put in place banned Australian websites from offering its products to Australian customers due to new policies. However, this act did not harm offshore companies, instead, offshore companies began to see an increase in money as more was being spent overseas due to the bans put in place. 

Which Games are Legal? 

Lucky for Australia, not all online gambling activity is illegal so, you can still enjoy some forms of online gambling such as sports betting, online bingo, lottery and even online slots. Yes, it is illegal to operate online casino games in Australia when it comes to playing poker and other real money games but, some casino sites overseas allow these kinds of games to be played by people living in Australia. Just make sure you have a look into the legal terms before accessing these sites, so you know you are not breaking any laws.  

Online Casinos Available in Australia 

Although you can’t play real money and interactive casino games online in Australia, there are still some online casinos that operate in Australia such as sites to place sports bets, play lotto and bingo games. There are many different Australian based online casinos that you can head to play some of these legal games. If you are living in Australia and you would like to play some legal online gambling these are some of the best online casinos in Australia that you can play games at. With technology becoming even better, you will find that more new sites will be available for you to enjoy through time if you are living in Australian so, keep your eyes open for some new sites that you can try out.

Consider Free Play and Demos 

When you are gambling online, it doesn’t always have to be for money, instead, you might be wanting to play some slots for fun, to pass time or, to see what it looks like before you start spending real money. If this is something that you are looking to do then, you can consider playing some free games or demos of games, so you know what to expect from the real thing. Not all games come with free versions or demos so, you might not always find the exact game that you are looking for to play. If you cannot find the exact game then, there are still plenty of other free options and demos for you to choose from.

Gambling Facilities in Australia 

As well as some legal online casinos for you to play games at such as slots, lotto and bingo not to mention the sites to place bets on sports, there are some facilities that you can visit. If you don’t want to play games online then, you can head to the casinos in Australia or even some horseracing tracks along with sports betting facilities. The casinos online in Australia might not let you join in on real money table games but, if you head to the casinos in Australia you can play poker games and many other table games, slots and much more. 

Keep This Information in Mind 

Although Australia does not yet permit all online gambling, there are still some online games that you can consider from bingo to lottery and sports betting. There are still some other countries around the world that ban online casinos operating but, through time, more and more counties are legalising the activities so, you never know, Australia could be next. 

In the meantime, if you are living in Australia and you are wanting to play at an online casino, make sure you abide by the law and play what is legal in your country. So, this means you will need to avoid poker and other online table games but, join in on sports betting and bingo all you want or even consider trying some free demos.