Science Fiction is one of the most popular genres and always has been. It allows fans to travel to distant worlds, journey to new dimensions and live in a dystopia, do battle with killer robots and protect Earth from Alien invasion. Everyone love Sci-fi movies and games. Fans cannot get enough of them. But what about Sci-Fi based slot games? There are many out there that are as entertaining as movies! So, what are these Sci-Fi based slot games and where do they come from? Well, let us look at some of the best Sci-Fi slots around! 


  •  Transformers: Battle for Cybertron


It does not get much bigger than Transformers! So, when world-class game provider IGT brought us Transformers: Battle for Cybertron, they knew that they had hit a winning formula. Following on the success of the blockbuster movies, this slot game reunited us with our favourite shape-shifting characters: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Soundwave and Megatron. With movie grade graphics, soundtrack and sound effects it was hard not to be engrossed in the action. 


  • Terminator 2 


Help Arnie take on the T-1000 across the reels of the massively popular Terminator 2 slot. Based on the cinema classic, this Microgaming slot brought a huge following with it when it became a top slot game. Again, all the movie’s main characters can be found on the reels. The game also came with a feature known as T-800 Vision; this could help players to mystery prizes. The great thing about this game is that T2 is available to play at Aspers Casino Online! 


  • Elements: The Awakening 


Let’s move away from movies now. Blessed with breathtaking graphics, gravity-defying reels and creative features. Elements: The Awakening from NetEnt proved to be a very popular choice for players indeed. The game revolves around the four elements Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. But the unique thing about the game is its ability to create another worldly atmosphere which is almost tangible. Oh yeah, the features are not bad either!  


  • Planet Fortune 


Best known for its retro approach to Sci-Fi, Planet Fortune provided by Play’n Go harks back to the Science fiction movies of the 1950s and 60s. Taking inspiration from movies like The Forbidden Planet, Buck Rodgers and Mars Attacks, its graphics are filled with retro sci-fi images – It’s charm is part of its appeal.  These include the hero, the heroine and the pair of robots found on the reels. It is no wonder Sci-Fi fans can relate to this nostalgia-filled game.


  • Arrival 


More little green men! Once again, this Betsoft game is inspired by early science fiction movies. It is lit up by quality graphics and a dramatic soundtrack. The game also comes with a big humour element provided by mischievous aliens. As you spin, you do battle with a watchful alien who sits at the controls. He watches everything and makes the game a little more immersive. Strangely, Arrival is a game with bags of charm. This may be why its popularity has endured.