It is public knowledge that online gambling is a very successful industry. Because of this, you will find a number of entities and players who pocket part of the revenue every year. In this article, we will discuss the online casinos themselves, the government, and the gamblers. So how much does everyone pocket on average? And who makes the bigger cut?

The amount of money the UK government makes from online gambling

Most governments across the globe have made gambling legal. They make billions of dollars annually from taxes from physical casinos and online gaming dens. There are those governments that only tax the game providers but others will tax even the gamblers.

Online gambling in the UK is thriving and many will tell you it’s on its peak. Millions of gamblers spend millions of money and a lot of time playing in automaty za penize. According to reports, the UK authorities collected total revenue of more than 3.4 billion dollars in 2017.

The UK authorities can collect such huge revenue by taxing all local online casinos 15% on all the profits they make. If this seems like too much, note that the UK’s income take stands at 20%. The tax is the same to offshore online platforms which means more money.

Do you know what’s better? The UK government does not tax the gamblers, so they will not make any profits from you. Players get to keep each coin they earn at an online casino.

However, the situation changes when you go to the United States. For instances, foreign games are required to pay 30% of their winnings as tax while local gamblers pay 25% of any win above $5000.

And what do online casinos earn from online gambling?

Remember that authorities do not spend anything in the online casino industry. Their job is to give licenses and collect taxes. This is not the same for online casinos. They have to spend money, and with the high competition, they have to work hard and smart to stay alive. Regardless, estimates suggest that an average casino makes around 0.5 million dollars every month.

Note that there are several expenses they have to incur. As stated above, they have to pay a 15% tax on all their profits. Additionally, they have to pay software providers a certain amount for their titles. Finally, they have to pay marketers and influences, and then they keep the rest.

Online casinos mainly make profits from players. Remember, the house will always win, so the RTP always favors them. The RTP is always indicated in games, especially slots. On average, RTP on slot titles is 96% for players and 4% for casinos. What does this mean? For every 100 units that you bet, the casino pockets four units.

Do players earn anything then?

By the time we got here, some of you might have been asking, is there anything left for the gamblers. Despite the authorities and online gaming websites taking their profits, it is worth knowing that online gaming is a billion-dollar industry.

Online titles consist of both skill and chance games. Because of this, it is hard to establish a specific figure that gamblers make. However, they can adopt certain tricks and strategies to win more. For instance, table games require some skills, so playing against less experienced gamblers gives one an upper hand.

Additionally, players can locate the tables that newbie players frequent most and try their luck there. Slots are a great way to earn big as well. If luck is on your side, it’s possible to hit the jackpot even after one spin. You can also capitalize on bonuses that come with favorable terms and conditions.


Since online gambling is an industry with massive revenues, everyone has a chance of making massive profits as long as they make wise and smart moves.