Have you played EVE and world of warcraft? If yes, based on your experience which game is the most satisfying?

Online virtual playing has become quite common among online players across the globe. Eve online and World of Warcraft both reside in the MMO genre.  A massively multiplayer online sport game (MMO) refers to sports game where players can play role-playing games and their social communities.

Even though Eve and WoW are both MMO’s , they still differ in some ways.  Below are some of the major differences between Eve and World of Warcraft.

  • The Gaming Skills

In Eve, the player has to buy the basic skills, understand them fully and attend as many missions as possible. With that you will make lots of money but you wont get more skills. In this game, your options on what to do are limited and nothing a player can do to change that.

In WoW, all a player is required to do is grind, quest and move up the levels. You don’t  have to buy the basic skills and your character is not limited as that of Eve.

  • The Gameplay

The most fundamental difference between Eve and Wow is in the gameplay. In the game Eve, the player starts with a few things they can do for example, mining, low-scale trading and missions and expand upwards into hundreds. However, this is different in WoW because here, the player starts with a hundred of things to do and then narrow to PvP and raiding. And for this most players find Eve’s end game more fun when compared to that of WoW

WoW helps players find action with the use of a few buttons in a live casino while Eve online is quite different.

  • Influence on the game setting

the influence of the game setting is another major difference between Eve and World of Warcraft. In WoW, players don’t experience the setting changes except through a roundabout route which is not all that effective. This means that when playing the game, you will not encounter much fame setting change. Whereas, in Eve they offer a wide-fame setting allowing the players to participate in wars, building stations, engage in politics and much more. The developers created the game to constantly change maps of the galaxy as well as inform the player where war is in progress.

  • The gaming characters

In Eve, if you create a character, the character is limited only by the skills they have or acquired and what ships you have access to. If you have ships and the skills required, a player can go from transporting huge amounts of cargo to being a DPS monster in seconds.

In World of Warcraft, the players understand what the character is supposed to do from the beginning. If you create a character, for example a warlock, he or she will work as a warlock from the start of the game to the end. It is possible to give your characters a secondary role.

Finally, these are just but a few difference and there are more. Each game whether Eve or World of Warcraft has its own supporters and those who love the game for different reasons.