A new year means new video games for all of us to play. From gaming consoles to computers, even mobile devices, there will never be a shortage of new games and places to play them on. In a surprising twist, Facebook is still going quite strong in the gaming department and as one of the largest social media platforms, has a large base of users and players. 

Facebook games provide a great casual outlet for people looking to play simple yet addictive games. These games will not push the limits of your machine so you do not have to worry about upgrading to the newest and most expensive gaming machine. Although, a few customized items may just be what you need to take your gaming experience further. Gaming enthusiasts from YPM points out that even though games nowadays may already be aesthetically pleasing, having a little personal touch may change your whole experience entirely. Even a simple customized playmat can turn your game time from dull to getting yourself totally consumed. 

These games, for the most part, are free to play, aside from a few microtransactions that may occur within the game. It is important to note that these microtransactions are completely optional and in no way are you obligated to pay. Now you might ask, what games are available for play on Facebook? The other beautiful thing about Facebook gaming is that there are so many genres and games to choose from. It can cater to almost every single gamer and provide them with fun for hours. 

Here is a list of what some are projecting to be the top Facebook games of 2020.

Texas Hold’em Poker

People have always had such a fascination with gambling. There is something about the thrill and the adrenaline rush it can provide, knowing that you can win a lot of money. Facebook takes the game that everyone loves and takes away the risk aspects from it. With their Texas Hold’em Poker game, you can play with your friends or anyone around the world. Not only are there just quick sit down games, but you can also enter massive tournaments and declare yourself a Texas Hold’em champion. The game plays like a standard game of poker and you are free to stop playing at any point with no obligations or penalties. Poker has always been an incredibly popular game on Facebook and there is a reason why people are projecting it to continue to be one of the unstoppable forces of gaming on Facebook.

Cookie Jam

Cookie Jam has taken advantage of the ‘Bejeweled’ style of game and taken Facebook gaming by storm. The game works by alternating pieces to form groups of three pastries. Each level comes with a task and a maximum number of moves to complete the task. If you can’t finish in time, you lose a life and will have to replay the level. The game starts off very easy but quickly descends into extremely challenging and puzzling situations. The game can be rather fun, but at the same time rather frustrating also. Thankfully, the game does have a life feature and when you run out of lives, you can put it down and get your frustration out as you will not get new lives for 24 hours. If you’re so excited to play and can’t wait that amount of time, you can also pay for more lives. Cookie Jam continues to be a game for those looking to play alone and be challenged along the way.

Candy Crush Saga

No list of games on Facebook would be complete without mentioning one of the behemoths that started the gaming craze on Facebook. One of the original versions of the ‘Bejewelled’ style game, many game creators have used their concept to make their own game based on a different theme. Despite all the clones, Candy Crush looks to go nowhere, and experts say that you can expect Candy Crush 2 to be dominating the Facebook games environment not only in 2020 but in the years to come as well. If you have never tried this game, give it a try, it’s been one of the top games in the world for a reason.

Farmville 2

Did you ever get tired of having your friends at Facebook request their help for their Farmville Farm? You’re not alone, as many people were burdened with people spamming their walls with Farmville information. However, this wasn’t a bot, and there was a reason for this. Farmville was simply a blast and hooked many people. The creators took their success of the first Farmville and turned it into Farmville 2. The developers have shown that they are not going anywhere and that Farmville is here to stay whether you like it or not. Grab your tractor, grab some seeds, and start raising your farm.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is simply one of the biggest games to hit mobile devices and Facebook ever. With tons of activities to do in the game, teaming up with friends, and building your own empire, clash of clans provides endless hours of fun and progression as you watch everything come to life right before your eyes. Once you’ve built your army, you can raid other players from around the world and watch as you burn their empire down to the ground. Be careful though, as one small misstep from you can result in your kingdom being turned into ashes. Clash of Clans is a hyper-competitive game that has been around since the mid-2010s and shows no signs of slowing down. Call up some friends, turn the game on, and watch as the hours of the day disappear.

It’s no surprise that early in 2020 the games that are projected to succeed the most are the tried and tested group. With these games being around for years and showing no signs of slowing down, it is an absolutely safe bet to assume that these games are not just going to survive 2020, but are going to break even more barriers in regards to Facebook and mobile gaming. With how innovative the platform is, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not attempting these games. Whether you want a tense game like Clash of Clans or a relaxing game like Farmville, Facebook ensures that there are games for all kinds of people. Head on over and see what game captivates your attention. Which one will you play first?