This is the day that you’ve been waiting for, time to sit back and relax; forget about being an adult for a day and just play some cool games with your friends. You can do whatever it is you like or in the mood for together without a care in the world. So pick a day and time and get ready for some mind-blowing experiences.

Here are some cool game ideas for you to try out with your friends next time you meet.

The Floor Is Lava Outdoors

This can be an interesting way to spend time together, being in public adds that little twist to it too. The game is simple, you can’t stand on the floor if someone yells “The floor is lava!”  So, you need to find a way to get yourself off the floor by jumping on random things. Whether it’s a park bench, climbing a lamppost, or jumping on a bunch of boxes in the supermarket. It’s going to be tougher outside than indoors, which makes it even funnier and more exciting.

Scrabble Time

It’s time to play one of the most famous word board games ever. Everyone gets 7 tiles and you can start the game after you set up the board, get a pen and paper to keep track of scores. Sometimes, even if you have good letter tiles, words can just fly out of your head, so if you find yourself getting stuck and can’t finish the round, then getting a word helper tool would be very convenient to help you look for all words and keep the game going. It’s going to be fun to see who’s the ultimate word king after this game session.

Mouthpiece Games

This is probably one of the most hilarious games you could possibly play together; there are three different versions, but they are relatively the same. You can choose “Speak Out”, “Watch Yo Mouth!”, or “Watch Ya’ Mouth.” All you have to do is divide yourselves into teams and whoever is starting needs to put a mouthpiece in their mouth then try to read random sentences from the cards. The other player in your team needs to guess what you said before the timer runs out. Most of the words are difficult to make out with that mouthpiece, making it sound hilarious and completely crazy. You’re going to spend hours laughing from this game.

Murder Mystery Games

This is an extreme game that is super engaging, and might take the entire day to finish; it can be played by 6 to 15 people, so the more the merrier. It also comes in a board game version and a role-playing version, but we highly recommend that you try the role-playing one. There will be a storyline and a plot, with different characters and their descriptions. One of these characters dies and it’s your objective to find out who killed them by finding different clues and solving random riddles. You can divide yourselves into teams or everyone can just investigate alone, the choice is up to you. You could go all out with props, costumes, and special items; this will be super worth it and everyone will be enjoying every second of it.

React and Act

React and Act is another unpredictable game to play together and it can be very wild depending on the situation; you write down different situations on pieces of paper and everyone needs to act them out as if it actually happened to them. Whether it’s a lottery win, a news report, or receiving an Academy award, everyone needs to act it out fully as if they really experienced those things. Start talking about it and telling everyone how you feel too; this will be so funny and entertaining for as long as you can go.

Never Have I Ever

A classic game that everyone can remember and you get to decide if you want to play it with drinks or just candy. The game starts when someone says, “Never have I ever.” Then finishes it with any random sentence, if people haven’t done what was said before then they don’t do anything; they would take a shot or eat a piece of candy if they have done it before though. It would be very interesting to know what your friends have or haven’t done before.

Sometimes you need to let loose and blow off some steam; it’s good for you to enjoy some fun time with your buddies every once in a while. Playing some of these games is sure to bring back some memories of the past, but you get to make new ones together too. So, remember to enjoy every moment you spend playing these games.