Video games are more than just a fun activity at home for a while now. Competitive gaming is a serious sporting activity nowadays that it triggered discussion which could result in e-gaming becoming an Olympic event in 2024. As a student, you might wonder how to become a player that makes a living out of your favorite pastime and maintain college obligations, at the same time.

Our current article will try to answer the question of what it takes to become a professional gamer and keep up with all the academic challenges that await you during college. Of course, we don’t need to mention that powerful gaming equipment and love for games are the basic requirements, this goes without saying. However, the five tips we are going to share in this article should let you in on the essentials.

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Plan a schedule

It takes a lot of training to become a professional cyber player because the competition is so large that acquiring a sponsor would require a strong team with excellent performance and amazing steam game results. This is why you need to develop a schedule to provide yourself with enough time to build experience and get your game-level to professional standards.

If you feel you need more time than you already have, try and make more time by cutting down on some other tasks. Ask yourself questions like: “Do I have to check out every party during the week, can I pay someone for homework, is there a way to make my learning process more effective?” Within these questions sits the answer to a more effective schedule and more time for your training process.

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Good muscle memory

Sometimes, even a fraction of a second is all it takes to decide the course of the game, which depends on the technical aspects of your gaming equipment as well as your reaction time. Muscle memory is a specific form of memory that allows you to react physically without thinking about making a move. It takes a lot of time to build this form of unconscious body function; however, natural predisposition is also an important aspect for the development of long-term muscle memory for different scenarios and situations during the game. No matter how good your equipment might be, in games like counter strike online, your reflexes make the most difference.

Follow tournaments and watch gameplays

Learn from those who are the best in the industry if you wish to extract the knowledge on how to improve your stats and become better at what you do. Numerous YouTube channels are specifically established to share gaming wisdom that you can use to your benefit. Your team efforts can also be improved if you analyze how the most successful teams prepare for tournaments and how they develop strategies.

Joining a tournament is also an excellent opportunity to build a reputation for you and your team, as well as give you a chance to meet potential sponsors and obtain resources you need to get better equipment. Some tournaments could last for several days, depending on the number of teams, so after a few days you might find yourself thinking: “I really need someone to write my assignment while this thing goes on.” Again, we see the importance of a well-planned schedule.

Communication skills

Your team members don’t have to be people you know in real life, you could form acquaintances and build teams in the online environment. Also, you might have to work on your language skills in case you’re all coming from different countries. Being able to communicate with your team members during the game and outside the arena gives you all the chance to get to know each other better.

The ability to express yourself and understand other people helps you learn about how each of you thinks. This way you will be able to maxim9ize each other’s potential and adapt your gameplay to the rest of the team.

Build self-awareness

To improve yourself, you should have a clear image of your abilities and what aspects of your gameplay require improvement. Watch your previous games to see which aspects of your performance need your attention. Try and keep a cool head while in the game to maximize your potential and avoid making mistakes. If you are fully aware of what gives you the edge over the opponent, you will reduce the chances of being caught off guard.


As we can see, becoming a professional player requires working on your skillset as well as dedicating time and effort to progress through training. Time is the most valuable resource you can invest in your dream of making a living from e-sports. As a student, you should not allow your academic life to suffer, rather find a way to overcome the challenge of balancing classes and your pursuit of a professional gaming career.


Emma Rundle is a freelance content writer dedicated to creating educational articles that facilitate college lifestyle for students. Emma develops content based on in-depth research and a strong understanding of each topic. Her mission is to write practical pieces of advice that will provide the audience with true value that can make a positive change in their academic endeavors.