Now that winter is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how you can stay warm and cosy indoors. What better way to keep out of the cold than by playing some online games! Whether you love sports, adventure, strategy or something a little more unusual, here’s your guide to finding your top winter selection.

Casino Games – Make Money While You Stay Warm

If it’s too cold to go outside but you really want to place a wager on one of your favorite table games, the best thing for you to do this winter is to head online to an online casino where you can play all the classics.  Whether you can’t resist a spin of the roulette wheel or a hand of poker, you’ll find all your favorites in one convenient location. There’s sure to be plenty to keep you busy no matter how long the snow lasts!

Experience Some Adventure In Your Own Home

Online adventure games are always popular with all kinds of players, and there’s nothing quite like going on a quest from the comfort of your own front room! While the rain pours down outside and the wind blows, you can stay snug on your sofa playing some of the top online adventure titles. A couple of the top contenders include Path of Exile, an online game from Blizzard Entertainment. You can pick from seven different characters and work towards defeating the lord of the dark in a thrilling adventure. Alternatively, try Oraco, a browser fantasy MMORPG which is completely free to play and which allows you to combat evil with your fully customizable character for whom you can choose fashion accessories and weapons.

Try Your Hand At Strategy

Being stuck indoors when the weather’s cold can lead you to simply vegetating on the couch watching TV. Beat the lethargy with a strategy game that keeps your brain working, even if your body is relaxing! Some of the best online strategy games this winter include Elvenar from InnoGames. In this title, you can construct your own epic fantasy city which you can populate with humans or elves. As it grows, you’ll see it turn into a huge metropolis with armies and riches aplenty. Alternatively, if you prefer to keep your strategy more historical, why not try Goodgame Studios’ Goodgame Empire. This browser-based MMO title allows you to design then construct a Medieval castle and to create an army to populate it. You can then battle other real world players on the world map in an attempt to rule the four kingdoms, uniting them under your own rule.

Experience AR In The Palm Of Your Hand

Augmented reality, or AR, is big news in the world of gaming at the moment. While titles like Pokemon Go have been bringing AR to the masses for a few years now, they aren’t ideal if you’re stuck indoors due to bad winter weather. Luckily, there are a number of augmented reality online games which you can download to your smartphone and play inside your own home for free. ARrrrgh is one such game.
Taking a new twist on traditional hide and seek games, this pirate-themed title turns your home into an adventure, allowing you to seek out boxes filled with gold. Everyone can join in the fun, from kids to adults. Or why not try Temple Treasure Hunt, a free AR geolocation game which is perfect for anyone who loves myths and mysteries. While you can play it outdoors, it’s perfectly possible to enjoy all the fun indoors too as the game simply uses a real map of your current location.
You take the role of either a treasure hunter or a treasure protector, creating treasure trails or discovering treasure as mythological characters from Indian legends appear as guardians of the treasure.

Stay Active Indoors

Winter may not be the best time to get outdoors and get active, but you can still enjoy all your favorite sports in the virtual environment thanks to some of the top online sports game titles out there for 2019. If you’re a soccer fan, you’re going to love the free to play FIFA Soccer which features rosters of more than 550 real-world teams. The graphics are brilliant – perhaps because this title comes from EA, one of the biggest and best software developers on the market today.

Alternatively, for fans of basketball, NBA Jam, a title from EA sports, is another great choice. This arcade basketball title allows you to play alone or in local multiplayer mode and it can even be supported for Android TV giving you more ways to play. Although this is actually an upgrade of a game from the 90s, it’s well worth a play, especially if you like to play from your cell phone.

Experience Virtual Reality At Home

If it’s cold outside, why not escape into a virtual world in the comfort of your own home. VR (virtual reality) makes it possible and there are some fantastic VR games that you can play in Winter 2019 that will transport you away from the chill and into an amazing new destination. One of the best VR online experiences has to be Sparc. This vSport title allows you to compete against other real-world players in real time in an engaging and active fun experience. You use your whole body to deflect blows, to throw, block and dodge – you’ll stay fit even when you can’t go outside – and even better, you can customize your own avatar for a more personalized experience.

Play The Best Games This Winter

With this helpful online games guide, you should now have some great ideas about which titles you should be playing this winter. Whether you love adventure, sports, strategy or the latest AR and VR technologies, you’re sure to find something to enjoy in this list of top games for 2019. There’s no better way to stay out of the cold than by gaming!