These days, smartphones are a key element in everyone’s life. Apps are everywhere, and can help you to do pretty much anything. While some are practical and others are entertaining, others are able to help you make a little extra money. Who doesn’t want to earn a little more cash on the side? Here, we look at some of the best free apps you can install on your phone to help put more cash into your bank account.

Download A Betting App

With the right free betting app, you can help to boost your cash flow. One great example is the BetMGM Online Poker app. If you’re a keen poker player, you can simply install this app on your phone and then you’re ready to start winning and earning!

Take Some Surveys

If you don’t have any gambling skill, there’s no need to worry. There are mobile apps which anyone can use that allow you to take some simple surveys on the move and earn free cash and gift cards just for doing the things you always do online on an everyday basis. Not all mobile survey apps are legitimate, but Swagbucks is a good choice. Its questions aren’t difficult to answer and with around $5 for a half hour’s work, you can see the cash rolling in!
Alternatively, the i-Say app is another way to get paid for simply giving your own opinion. Created by Ipsos, the famous polls firm, this consumer app allows people like you to earn money by filling in surveys whenever you have some free time. The points you earn can be exchanged for gift cards from brands like Amazon or iTunes or even for cash via PayPal.

Get Refunds On Goods You’ve Bought Already

If you’re looking for a way to make money without putting any effort in whatsoever, the Paribus app is the one for you. It will check your purchases and when the price drops, it’ll refund you any difference between the price you paid and the new sale price. That’s some seriously free money!

Get Paid For Searching The Web

Everyone searches online, but with the InboxDollars engine, you’ll receive cash rewards just for carrying out online searches among other tasks. You’ll get a cent for every two qualified searches, netting you as much as 15 cents daily. It won’t make you rich quick, but little by little, it all mounts up!

Sell Unwanted Items And Make Money

The Decluttr app is easy to use and helps you to make quick money from all the old electronics, games, books, DVDs and CDs that you don’t want any more. You just download the app, scan your barcodes and you’ll get instant offers on all your unwanted stuff. All you need to do then is mail it off and as soon as the items are received you’ll get speedy payment.
If you have lots of old books in your home that you’ll never read again, you can download the Bookscouter app. Just scan all the barcodes of any books you’re keen to sell and you’ll be sent offers from a minimum of 20 different companies who purchase old books. Just choose the offer you like the best, complete your payment details then ship your books to the buyer.

Share Information About Online Purchases To Get Paid

The trusted Harris Poll market research company has devised a simple app called ShopTracker that lets you share information about what you buy online. Just download and install the app and register your details, and whenever you shop at an online store you’ll earn some extra money. The whole point is to help researchers find out more about the items people buy online so they can use that information to make shopping experiences better. You don’t need to worry about security either – ShopTracker will only catalog your shopping data and not your address, name or other personal information, so your anonymity is assured.

Sell Some Photos

Who doesn’t love using their smartphone to take pictures of their pets, their friends or just beautiful scenery? Foap is a great app to download if you’re a keen photographer. Just put a price on each photo that you take and upload into the app. With such a high demand for good photographs for blogs and websites in this day and age, your images are sure to prove popular. If you’ve got a cute puppy at home, even better! You’ll be surprised by just how much you can make from a few simple, fun shots.

Become A Secret Shopping Agent

The Field Agent smartphone app allows you to collect videos and photos as well as other information from different stores and other locations. Essentially, you’ll earn money by carrying out small tasks. All you have to do is head to the main navigation page of the app where you’ll see a Map View and Job List which can be used for locating jobs. Just choose the one you want, view the extra details and then, if you think you can do it, accept it. You’ll have 2 hours in which to finish the task allotted to you, so always make sure you choose tasks you can accomplish in this time frame.

Making Cash On The Go

One of the best things about smartphones is the way in which they’ve opened up the potential to get things done while you’re on the move. No longer are we tied to desktop PCs or even bulky laptops when we want to go online – we have everything we need right in the palms of our hands. Thanks to the power of the internet, it’s also easier than ever to find ways to top up your regular income without having to put in too much effort or time. Check out some of the apps that we’ve suggested here and you’re sure to find some handy ways to bring in the extra cash you need for treats.