In Australia, the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association(IGEA) came up with a new study into the influence and effect which video games have in Australia. For people who ask questions such as “positive effects of video games?”, “what are PS4 educational games?”, “Why are video games bad?”, “negative effect of video games?”, and “is gaming bad for you?”, this piece promises to be an insight into the effects which video games have on school achievement.

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Below are the effects of video games on school achievement based on Australian statistics by the IGEA:

  •       Key cooperative role in schools: It has been studied and observed that one of the positive effects of video games or ps4 educational games, is it plays an important role in fostering cooperation when it comes to parents and their children. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that this cooperation does not stop at home, it also transcends to the school environment.

Playing video games in the multiplayer mode has been found to be helpful by enhancing the cooperation skills of a child.

If you are wondering how this affects the academic performance of a child, it will interest you to know that students who play video games more, tend to be more active when it comes to project-based assignments of technologies which require collaboration.

These days, teamwork is essential in most of the classroom duties, and video games come with an engaging and proficient medium for imparting collaboration skills.

  •       Academic motivation: For questions such as “why are video games bad?”, “negative effect of video games?”, and “is gaming bad for you?”, it is beneficial to note that, if properly channelled under the right guidance, video games can be the right force for positive school achievement.

It is a known fact that a good number of students usually play video games late into the night, and are unable to get enough rest for the next day’s work. This happens because they lack proper guidance and direction.

One of the positive effects of video games or PS4 educational games is academic motivation, and this occurs when students play educational games within the appropriate time frame. When this is done under proper supervision, it will prevent them from using their sleep hours.

  •       Educational mindset: Another positive effect of video games or PS4 educational games, is the improvement of the educational mindset of college students. For instance, when students play math video games, it aids their mindset to be conducive to learning. Research has shown that, when students play these video games collaboratively, there is an enhanced motivation to learn.

Hence, the desire of a student to master a particular subject becomes easy, because he or she has played video games which are related to that field of study or subject. There are some games which provide encouragement to students to thirst after extra learning beyond the classroom.

In addition, students who play video games which are educationally-related would be more involved when it comes to problem-solving skills which would ensure success in the classroom.

Hence, it answers questions such as “why are video games bad?”, “negative effect of video games?”, and “is gaming bad for you?”.

Common questions such as “why are video games bad?”, “negative effect of video games?”, and “is gaming bad for you?”, are usually asked because of the obvious negative effects which students exhibit. This is usually because they are not under the right supervision, which will aid their academic performance.

From the points listed above, video games do not make the brain of a child to rot, at least the right kind of games, particularly the educational ones. Video games are an essential educational tool in our world which is fast changing into a hub of technology.

Hence, in the classroom, when the motivation for a student to learn is low, one of the ways to restore the child back on track, is to introduce video games.  You can be sure of integrating fun into the classroom and increased academic performance.