With current plans ongoing for a PC and XBox cross play, the developing team have released a Captain’s Log on the official site giving insights for their players. The logs include:

The biggest details include,

  • ATLAS will launch into Xbox One’s Game Preview next month.
  • ATLAS will be available for digital download on the 8th of October 2019
  • It will launch Day One with crossplay support allowing Steam and Xbox to play together in the same gigantic world.
  • Complete re-bindable keyboard and mouse support for Xbox players ensures full game parity and an even playing field for all players
  • Optional single-player and private session modes, which also makes use of the new procedural “Wild Pirate Camp” system
  • There will be simultaneous updates and content pushes for both Xbox and PC ensuring the delivery of the same experience for Pathfinders on both platforms
  • We’re working on getting Unofficial servers setup for Xbox Day One with Nitrado, where cross-platform can be enabled or disabled (in any direction so PC or Xbox player servers only)

A full data wipe (network wipe) will also commence to ensure a smooth gaming experience. The wipe will be on the 28th of September.

After evaluating our options with the introduction of cross-platform multiplayer and a modified world map, we have decided that the best option to ensure the smoothest possible game experience is that our Official Networks undergo a data wipe on the 28th of September at 12am EST. Following the wipe, we will be permanently relaunching the NA PvP Network in order to iterate on our changes in a live-environment, following that will be the full permanent relaunch of all other networks on the 8th of October with full crossplay support (NA PvP will not wipe again on the 8th).

The latest version launch brings with it,

  • New world map with improved biome layout (and a new biome type)
  • Over 70 new core island templates, and many polish improvements to existing islands
  • Over 20 new cosmetics, and sail cosmetics
  • Improved client and server performance
  • Full Gamepad support
  • “Wild Pirate Camps” option for singleplayer and non-dedicated sessions (enabled by default): take over each island across the ATLAS by attacking and claiming procedural enemy pirate camps, guarded by cannons, pirates wielding all sorts of weapons, and even powerful pirate ships!
  • New Multi-shot Hydra Pistol
  • Cats (with hats!)

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