The online gaming industry is continuously improving. All gaming companies are trying to enable multiplayer gaming options on their games. It is the result of customer demands as playing with friends is more fun than playing alone with a computer algorithm.MMORPGs are more popular today than ever. In such games, several players play together while playing roles of game characters. Such games are much more fun than single-player games. In 2008, An MMORPG World of Warcraft reportedly had 10 million subscribers. The famous MMORPG PUBG has over 400 million players.

Its 2019, laws allow most forms of gambling. These online casino games bring the pleasure of brick and mortar casinos to your living room. These online casino games offer gambling for real money on online Roulette and many other casino games on gambling portals like There also exist casino MMORPGs where many players can join and play casino games together.

Best casino MMORPGs:

CasinoRPG is an excellent MMORPG casino game. It is available for Windows PC gamers; users can download it from Steam. In this game, one can play table games like blackjack, craps, poker and can also buy casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. The game gives you points when you win bets. You can invest these points in more sports or for buying casinos. Other online players own every casino in the game. Unfortunately, these games only allow gambling of in-game points; there is no option for gambling with real money.

The Four Kings Casino & Slots is a casino MMORPG. It is also quite famous — players from all over the world gamble at poker tables, Blackjack, Roulette, and more. Every player designs his 3D avatar which represents him in the game. His avatar goes to the casino and sits with avatars of other players to gamble. Players gamble with their points and earning more points results in the ability to buy new clothes and bet at better tables. The Four Kings Casino also does not offer to bet with real money.

Casino Cruise UK is a famous casino game. It is themed as a cruise ship in which players can role-play being on a riverboat casino. It is not a downloadable game but works on the website. It does not have impressive graphics like casino RPG or The Four Kings Casino, but is decent enough to have a good time on. It offers to gamble for real money where you can bet on Jackpot and slots and can also gamble with other players on poker and blackjack tables.

What does the future hold for casino MMORPGs?

There already exist a fantastic casino MMORPGs like casino RPG. Such games are amazing, but they do not offer to bet for real money. Laws allow the operation of gambling sites in many countries now, and we have examples of websites like Bovada and Casino Cruise UK. Hopefully, in the future, we will see big fishes making proper casino MMORPGs. These games will be similar to the already existent games like The Four Kings Casino. They will enable players to experience an in-game casino, sit with avatars of other players in a 3D environment, and bet on simulated games with real money. This feature is highly attractive for many players as the idea of playing against other gamblers and even friends is something fun and new for the gamblers. Unfortunately, casino MMORPGs at the moment do not offer to gamble for real money. However, it is predicted that this feature will also be provided in the future as demand rises and the websites of these services expand.