World Of Tanks: Update 1.6 Is Out!

World Of Tanks just received its latest update which comes with rebalanced personal missions, disabled friendly fire, and much more! The patch notes read:

  • Rebalanced the Personal Missions within the Object 279 (e) operation.
  • Conditions of 22 missions have been adjusted.
  • Two (2) missions have been changed while keeping the player’s progress within them (with the 1 to 1 conversion).
  • Rebalanced a number of missions for SPGs (within both campaigns).
  • Twelve (12) missions for SPGs have been changed within The Long-Awaited Backup campaign.
  • Five (5) missions for SPGs have been changed within the Second Front campaign.
  • We disabled team damage and team kills caused by friendly fire and ramming in all Random Battles (Standard, Encounter, Assault and Grand Battles).
  • Reworked the sounds and effects of direct hits received from allies.
  • Revised the system of penalties for causing damage and stunning allies.
  • Reworked the mechanics of interaction between the HE shells of SPGs and guns of the allied vehicles
  • The corresponding changes will be made to the Game Rules, which will take effect after the release of the update.
  • Fixed the issue, when the marker “Aiming at !” was displayed in white on the terrain.
  • Fixed the issue, when a Personal Reserve in Depot was displayed with the text “Activated”.
  • Fixed the issue, when the name and icon of the vehicle offered for purchasing in the Garage fell through the terrain or was shifted to a side.
  • Added information in Depot stating that crew books cannot be sold.
  • Improved the description of the experience for assistance (base defense) in the Ranked Battles.
  • The statistics of the Ranked Battles now shows the record values correctly.
  • Added the information about stunning to the Average Assistance infotip.
  • Fixed the issue, when the functionality of disabling the team chat did not work in the Frontline mode.
  • When extending the rental period of a vehicle, a 50% crew is no longer added.
  • Fixed the issue when a player did not receive a rank in a Frontline battle, if their vehicle was destroyed but the required experience was earned post factum (e.g., for the assistance damage).
  • Fixed the issue in the Frontline mode when an explosion effect was displayed at the center of the map after the player’s vehicle was destroyed.
  • Added a pop-up hint for the Session Statistics button.
  • Fixed the issue, when a player on the Blacklist was removed from it in some cases.
  • Now the reticles of the Magnetic Autoaiming and the standard aiming match.

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