First off, the main question that needs to be answered is if it’s possible to find love in an MMORPG (or any online game at that).

Of course, it is possible! Some games are more fitting for it, while some are less appropriate for it, but most of them allow you to communicate with random players, add each other to your friend list, and enjoy a game together.

It goes without saying that there are more men in MMORPGs than women, so it will be a lot harder for guys to find a girlfriend, at least statistically speaking. But to say that MMORPGs are the best way to meet a partner in life would be wrong. But that being said, how can you actually meet someone if you really want to meet a person by using an online game?

Here are the main ways to meet a future partner in an MMORPG.

1) Recruiting in guilds is one of the ways to meet lots of different people in MMORPGs. If you are an officer of a guild, you get the opportunity to communicate with a very large number of people, and, accordingly, your chances of meeting your future partner are higher than that of a regular guild member. The same applies to the head of a guild (that’s why I love creating guilds in all of the games I play).

2) Forums – this is the best place for dating if you want to find a partner that likes the same game as you do. If you are a guy, and you want to meet a single girl online, then the forums are the place for you. Girls love to visit forums. If the percentage ratio of men to women is unequal (there are more men than women), then this doesn’t apply to forums – girls are more likely to visit forums for the purpose of communication and meeting other people, while guys aren’t as interested in this.

3) Meet someone during a real-life event. If you want to find a partner in real life, then you simply have to attend such meetings – there, you can chat with real people and immediately understand who you like. If there are no local meetups of player of your favorite online video game, then you should visit video game and gaming-related events. There are also people who come to such events while cosplaying their favorite characters, so maybe you can come to your next local meetup in a costume as well.

4) Get to know people by using social networks. In groups and pages of online games in social networks, you can not only see who is who by their profile (and you cannot truly know whether or not you are talking to a man or a woman in an online game) but also see what a person looks like on their profile pics. So groups and pages on social networks is a great place to find a partner.

5) Communicate during live streams. Yes! Live stream communication has replaced chat rooms for us (if anyone else remembers online chat rooms at all). For example, all sorts of different people, both men, and women, often hang out and interact with each other. So go ahead, chat, look for new friends in real time.

6) Meet people in real life. Yeah, actual real life. Meeting people in a park, cinema, theater, at school, at work… Friend, if you were unable to find a partner in a video game – don’t get sad. It’s not the end. Look for your soul mate in real life; show your partner the online games you play – and if you and your partner really match each other, they will eventually come to like your games. Well, not all at once. For starters, you can show, for example, the process of character creation.

In general, online games are a great family hobby that brings people together, something to discuss and enjoy. And that’s great. Nevertheless, men think more about football and cars, and girls think about dresses and jewelry, so online games provide a common ground. The main thing is to not be too fanatic about them.

In general, meeting people by using online games is an interesting and effective way to do it. You can overcome your complexes and get to know a person well from many different sides and perspectives. Good luck searching for your future partner and have fun in the process!