Yep, you read it correctly. Bookmakers already offer betting on DotA 2 winner of the main tournament of the year: The International 2019. decided to catch this possibility, and to tell you about potential Aegis pretenders. Some curious bets are here as well.

At first, let’s take a look on top lines of the current season DPC table. Top 12 teams of this rating already guaranteed themselves The International 2019 tournament slots.

Team Secret

As the winner of two Major tournaments and the finalist of one more event, Team Secret is the main TI9 favorite. Without a doubt, Puppey and his crew are on the side of stronger parties, but after their failure on the last Major (9-12 place), we’d suggest you to avoid making decisive and rapid conclusions. At least two teams look able to compete with Team Secret: Vici Gaming and Team Liquid.

Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming won two Majors this season as well. Additionally, this Chinese crew is a Minor event winner. Thanks to that victory, they got to the first victorious Major. We consider VG as the top favorite team of the upcoming World Championship. Just keep in mind that TI9 will take place in the Chinese city of Shanghai. The factor of the home arena will be a serious spirit boost for Vici Gaming: Chinese fans bought all TI9 tickets in 60 seconds.

Team Liquid
Team Liquid closes the top 3 favorites according to bookmakers. By the way, all the companies offering bets agree with each other here. “Liquids” failed the beginning of their season. They missed the first major, then failed to play well and to earn enough points on the second and third event. But they reached top-2 positions on two last tournaments. 

The team is the hope of CIS fans. According to bookmakers, they are the 4th main favorite of the TI9. Throughout their history, “bears” never got higher than top 5-6 on The International even despite being the leader during the season for several recent years. The Russian team took the 3rd place of the last Major. VP also took a victory on the very first major of the season, and two more finals on the 2nd and 3rd tournament.

Other Teams

Among unbelievable TI9 winners, bookmakers decided to present these candidates:

  • Team Empire
  • Complexity
  • Natus Vincere

Still, when deciding which team to bet on, you shouldn’t forget: in the history of sports and esports, there were tournaments when hopeless outsiders became winners of big competitions. Everything is possible in the world of DotA 2.

We should say here: these teams didn’t even qualify for TI9. They still have to take part in regional qualifications which already began. Still, only open qualification competitions are on the go for now: any team willing to try their abilities can participate.

But you can bet on them already, too.

Keep on watching after the world of esports and betting offers together with

How to Bet on DotA 2 The International and Other Esports Events

DotA 2 offers multiple events and conditions to bet on and get some incomes. Let’s try to understand the basis of how to bet on DotA 2.

Since the moment of its release in 2011, DotA 2 has been becoming more and more popular among gamers and viewers. The point of the game: two teams with 5 players in each fight each other in the stable battlefield. Who destroys the enemy’s Ancient (the main building in the base) wins. Yes, the game seems to be simple. But when you try to go deeper, you understand there are multiple mechanics and nuances taking much time for you to master them all.

It is the high entry point that attracts gamers in DotA 2 so much. Even watching professional matches is satisfying: mind games during picks and bans, unexpected moves, new strategies and fascinating team fights are all just great!

Still, sometimes you may feel not enough to watch matches of your favorite pro teams only. Here you always can add some emotions and sharpness elements: betting on DotA 2 helps with that perfectly.

Kinds of DotA 2 Bets

The most widespread betting is to bet on match results. During the tournament, teams play till 2 wins (best-of-3 game series), and till 3 wins (best-of-5 game series) in the grand finals. Additionally, some websites allow betting on:

  • The first team to reach 10-kill count;
  • The team to get the First Blood frag;
  • The team to destroy more towers.

There exist global bets, too: on the team to win The International 2019, for instance.

DotA 2 Betting Coefficients 

Payouts may differ depending on win coefficients. There can be various factors influencing the coefficients of the particular match: the level of players’ preparation, their previous results, previous head-to-head matches, and so on. All the bookmakers always show coefficients before the bettor decides to place the bet so the possible winning sum was clear.

Usually, they display coefficients in one of two most popular formats: American or decimal odds. Mostly, bookmakers decide how to display odds on their own, but some websites allow users choose more suitable formats.

Decimal odds are the most widespread among betters in the world. They show the sum of your prize as a whole, not only the pure income. Let’s take a fake match between Natus Vincere (2.50) and OG (1.42) as an example. If you bet $100 on Na’Vi win, your prize will reach: $100*2.50=$250 (you take your $100 back and get 150 more as a winning prize). When betting $300 on OG, the prize is: $300*1.42=$426 ($126 of pure income).

Are there More Bets on DotA 2 The International? 

There are much more events to bet on than just choosing the winner. Betting on the match result difference is another frequent choice. During the bo3 series, the overall score can be 2:0 or 2:1. For favorites, difference odds will reach -1.5 and +1.5 for underdogs. When betting on the stronger team, you can win only if they get 2:0, while the other option will play after the first victory by underdogs, even if the final score is 1:2.

In bo3 series, one can bet on the “Over 2.5” or “Under 2.5” games. In this case, no matter which team wins. If the score is 2:0, the “Under 2.5” bet wins. With the 2:1 score, the “Over 2.5” option brings incomes.

This lineup is the most popular during tournament playoffs: tension becomes more intensive, each team wants to make it through to the next stage, so there appear less “dry” series.

You can also bet on the result of the particular game (map), not on the whole series. In this case, each map is a separate fight. You can choose the winner, the estimated game duration, the team to take the First Blood and so on. Such betting options let DotA 2 fans show their knowledge of professional scene situation and the current in-game meta.

How to Bet on DotA 2 Successfully? 

Here are factors to pay attention to if you want to increase your chance to win in DotA 2 betting:

  • In-game meta knowledge. Small patches appear in DotA 2 regularly, “nerfing” (weakening) popular heroes, changing item parameters, etc. These changes influence the entire game and its speed. These are factors you definitely should take into account before betting. To stay posted about such changes, it is cool to play DotA 2 from time to time.
  • Professional scene awareness. When you know which teams are strong in the current season, their match histories against various opponents and their overall shape, it will be simpler for you to make a decision and to place the bet. To stay aware of DotA 2 pro-gaming changes, watch at least Minor and Major tournaments.

So, who do you think will win DotA 2 The International 2019?