Everyone knows about the Xbox or at least heard something about it. Xbox is a Microsoft Corporation development that has become popular on all continents. It combines quality graphics, convenient controller and positive emotions. Moreover, it is the only console that supports backward compatibility with previous Xbox generations and various gambling related games. This is a big advantage, as the number of gambling fans is increasing. Combining the Xbox console and gambling entertainment, we got a great result!

Casino games have become very popular, so you have several ways to enjoy them:

1) visit the real game room and spend cash there, (but first we recommend to read this article before playing in online casinos)

2) launch a virtual casino;

3) choose free casino slots on the Xbox.

Here is few games in which you can gamble for in-game money (and even for real money)

1) Test Drive Unlimited 2 Casino Online is a representative of the action genre. First, the participant must create a personal character and enter the necessary information. By the way, the game is played in the third person. You have the opportunity to meet up to 30 opponents, as a casino game supports multiplayer mode. If you like these add-ons, then install a special plugin (“TDU 2: Casino Online”). This is a great chance to forget about bad day at work and get new emotions!

2) Full House Poker was introduced for the Xbox console not so long ago. With this emulator, gamers will learn the rules of a popular card game quickly. When training is completed, you can improve the skills in the game against the virtual casino. Thanks to beautiful graphics and various game algorithms, Full House Poker game creates an atmosphere of virtual poker room.

3) High Rollers Casino. This is the case, when the name of the game fully defined its format. To create the atmosphere of a real casino, the development team from Bethesda Softworks used cutting-edge 3D graphics and additional effects. The result will surprise even experienced gamers. When the game starts, you will say only: “Wow!”

But modern graphics is not the only advantage of High Rollers Casino. It has a unique option thanks to which, you can participate in tournaments with real gamers.

4) Pure Hold’em. This model has made the poker world accessible to all Xbox fans. Here you can choose 1 of 6 tables with different levels. The most experienced or lucky players will reach the 6th table, where they will meet the great master. But this is a gamble, so the result of the round depends not only on your knowledge/skills, but also on fortune. Do not forget during the game gain credits and use them for your status improvement.

5) Fable II Pub Games. In the summer of 2008, Lionhead Studios conducted a release of this game and it took several months to become a hit. The emulator contains 3 Pub Games. Each of them gives big payouts and good mood. During the game session, you will collect points to get access to mini-games and competitions. After each win, the participant receives a tasty item. In a word, Fable II Pub Games has not only an original gameplay, but also a new experience.

6) Casino Nights. Some gamers say that Casino Nights is not endowed with great graphics. But on the other hand, it is a great example of rare indoor sports. Here, users will find excellent casino products and they can play without leaving the room. A large portfolio is the main advantage of Casino Nights. Be sure, your game session will never be boring!

7) Baccarat. If you want to forget about the real world (in a good sense) and plunge into the world of casino games, then you need Baccarat for the Xbox! If you often play and constantly win, then game will open for you a VIP room.

Why gamers love the Xbox?

The Xbox is a popular gaming and fun device. With this console, players get beautiful graphics with modern options. Thanks to this console, you can become a professional sniper, climber, racer or superhero who fights with criminals. Definitely every game is accompanied by an interesting plot and positive emotions.

We can also say that Xbox has significantly expanded its coverage. Now, it offers entertainments for casino fans. Most of them create a full-fledged atmosphere of gaming halls thanks to realistic graphics and additional effects. Now, you can visit the casino without leaving the room!