Many PS4 gamers are used to the controller on that comes with the gaming platform to navigate the annoying keyboard on the screen. After a while, you do get used to it, but what if you could connect your mouse and controller to your PS4? That would make console gaming so much easier – especially when you are dealing with games that support the keyboard and mouse set up like DC Universe Online, War Thunder, and Final Fantasy XIV. The bottom line is when you know how to connect your keyboard and mouse to your PS4, you give yourself more options to enjoy your gaming experience.

What are the Benefits of Using a Keyboard and Mouse on a PS4?

Using a mechanical keyboard for gaming isn’t new to PC gamers, but console gamers are used to controllers. The good news is there are several games that are conducive to the keyboard and mouse. In fact, games like Fortnite are easier with the keyboard and mouse – you have more control over the game than you would manipulating a controller. You can also use the web browser on the PS4 with greater ease. The browser on the PS4 is discouraging because the virtual keyboard is inefficient at best.

Searching apps is also easier with the keyboard and mouse. When you are looking through video apps like Netflix or Amazon, the keyboard and mouse allow you to easily search for your favorite titles and watch them with ease. Overall, the keyboard and mouse make using the PS4 much easier.

Connecting a Wired Keyboard and Mouse to PS4

One of the great things about the PS4 is how easy it is to use, and in the case of attaching a keyboard and mouse, all you need to do to get them working is plug them in via the USB port. Your PS4 will most likely recognize the devices and allow you to use them easily. What you will notice is there will be flash on the screen along with the icons indicating that you now have a keyboard and mouse available for use.

However, if you connect your keyboard and mouse and don’t see the screen flash and the icon, it could be that your PS4 doesn’t recognize the different brands. Unfortunately, the PS4 doesn’t allow for downloads and installs of different keyboard and mouse drivers. If your wired attachments don’t work, then it’s back to square one, unfortunately.

Another issue could be a lack of USB ports. One of the most important uses of your USB ports on the PS4 is to charge the controllers. You can also add storage to your PS4 via the USB ports or add the PlayStation VR system. It’s easy to see how you can have a lot of devices connected to your PS4. It may be worth investing in a USB hub. They connection of a USB hub is very easy (just plug it in) and the good news is you can add many different accessories to the hub.

Connecting a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard to the PS4

The good news is this is another easy task. Use your Bluetooth connections to get everything online. There are a few steps to this, but once you figure it out, it’s actually very easy to connect your Bluetooth devices.

The first step is getting into the Settings Menu on the PS4. Once you get into the menu, the next step is to choose “Devices.” One you make that selection you need to click the “Bluetooth Devices” option by pressing X on your controller. This is when the keyboard and mouse should be seen, however this is not always the case.

If your keyboard or mouse isn’t listed, then check out the directions on how to make the device discoverable. Once that happens, it should come up on the screen. Then just push the X button and your device should connect. If you need a code, it is usually “0000.”

Other Keyboard and Mouse Scenarios

Some of the keyboard and mouse combinations may connect through one USB port, and in this case, you may have issues with the PS4 discovering only one of the two devices. There are several products like this, and one of them is the popular Microsoft mouse/keyboard option.

Sometimes if you are using non-standard equipment like lefty mice or different keyboards there could be issues with settings. Simply go into the Device Settings menu like you would when syncing your Bluetooth devices. Here are the steps:

  • Log on to your profile
  • Choose Settings
  • Choose the affected device

Once you are in the device itself, all you need to do is change the settings to what best suits your needs. If you need to change the delay, the rate, that will help you get the right precision on your devices. Take some time with the settings menu, especially if you are someone who has very distinct needs for keyboard and mouse set up. This will only add value to your gaming experience on the PS4.

What if a Keyboard or a Mouse isn’t Supported by My Favorite Game?

This is a very real problem, and the key to success is to get different conversion adaptors. The IOGEAR Keymander and the Xim4 are devices that take the input from the mouse or the keyboard and change them into values sent by a controller. This is basically a high-tech way of tricking your console into thinking your using a controller. That said, you could end up with a ban from a game if you are using these converters as games like Call of Duty are controller-based games. You are essentially cheating in those games.


The PS4 is one of the most versatile consoles on the market and with firmware upgrades it keeps getting better for console gamers. PC gamers will enjoy the different games on the PS4, and hooking up the keyboard and the mouse is a great way to ensure that you have a great time playing your favorite games.