Where and when money is involved, the criminal element will get creative. One of the biggest hurdles the fast-growing mobile gambling industry faces is making sure its players are kept safe from fraud and theft. It’s no secret that higher levels of traffic create the need for more robust security measures.

The first line of defense for both online websites and mobile apps is the use of 128 and 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology, which makes if very difficult for hackers to break the coding they need to get the information they crave. Every online or mobile casino employs this type of security technology. That includes every site from the top gambling providers to the smaller £3 deposit casinos that fight hard to get its share of the online gambling market.

The problem is more security is needed than what SSL encryption provides. Today’s criminal element is relentless, diabolical and just as innovative as the software developers who are creating the security measure being employed. If software developers and online casino operators are doing all they can, it’s incumbent of the gambler to do their part to protect themselves. Here’s a few suggestions

  1. Designating a Prepaid Credit Card or e-Wallet for Gambling Purposes Only – It makes no sense for a gambler to fund their gambling account with a primary credit card or e-Wallet account. It’s a far better option to secure a prepaid credit card or separate e-wallet account for gambling purposes, then only load the money intended for deposit with the online casino. If a hacker does gain access, the gambler is only exposed to the extent of cash they intended to use for gambling purposes.
  2. Picking the Most Reliable Sites – There are literally hundreds of online casinos available to gamblers in every corner of the world. That translates to plenty of rogue online casinos in operation. Rogue casinos don’t follow the rules and ignore security issues. The best way for gamblers to avoid this problem is to select established online casino operators that have stellar reputations, submit to security audits and use software developers with equally stellar reputations.
  3. Access Gambling Sites Through Secure Connections – One of the reasons why mobile gambling is gaining in popularity is because hackers have more difficulty breaking into a device that is operating with a 4G data connection. Using secure connections is something the gambler has within their power to decide. The home Wi-Fi-system with a password and adequate hardware protection would suffice at home while the aforementioned 4G connection should suffice on the go. Never access a gambling account through a public-access internet connection.

Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin – While only 10% of current online casino operators will accept Bitcoin as a deposit/withdrawal option, this might well be the best way to protect one’s money and ID. Blockchain technology records all transaction without including any personal information. Bitcoin accounts don’t require customers to disclose personal information to move cash in and out. The only exposure a Bitcoin user has involves hackers going after the sites that host cryptocurrency wallets or provide exchange services. Yes, hacking does occur. However, the use of Blockchain and cryptocurrency is still infinitely more secure.  There’s a good chance the number of online casinos that accept Bitcoin will grow exponentially within the next two years.